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What Hides In Their Hearts vs. Writer’s Block

Hello, yee reader of this post!

In case you haven’t heard, I have two books published (look for information on the first book I published “What Lies In The Dark” on the “published works” page, if this is news to you) which just so happen to be part of a four to five five book series that I am writing titled, Trials of Three.

Consequently, I am writing the series as I publish it. This means that the time between when books come out depends on how long it takes me to plot, write, revise, redo, rewrite, and polish the book. Last year, my two books were released within relatively close range of eachother at about only a five month time span in-between the two releases. That is a very short time span to write books, given the amount of things that have to be done to self-publish a short novella.

In that respect, I intend for the third book to be released sometime late July or early August this year. I realize that’s a larger amount of time in-between books than before, and before you go a’wondering if the longer wait can be blamed on lack of interest in the series, I shall explain it to you.

First of all, I haven’t lost interest in my series. So that small handful of people that are eagerly awaiting the next book (you know who you are) be concerned not. I have a plan. This is what happened:

I wanted to start work on the third book (which you now know has been dubbed “What Hides In Their Hearts”) immediately after I published the second, but I found myself in a bit of a writer’s rut. So I took a stepped back away from it for a bit to reassess my plot, characters, world, etc. and instead started work on the second draft of my novel.

However, my “short” hiatus has gone on for quite awhile (four months, really) and I need to get working on writing it or else my poor beta readers are going to be sorely rushed to do line edits. On that note, I could start writing today only that I’m still stuck on just one aspect of the book.

Where to start.

This book is planned to have a lot of material and, unlike my novel which has proven to always have a good starting point, I could present any number of things in the first chapter. All of them give the reader equally important information, which can all be given at any time in the book.

Now, what does this have to do with you, you ask?

Well, I need your help to get me out of this little pickle of a writer’s block, or else I might never start writing it, and that would just be a shame. Gavin, Brian, and Emuna still have a long way to go before their journey is over. Thus I have concocted an age-old way to solve disagreements.

* insert drumroll here *

A majority vote! Also known as a poll. Which you’ll find pleasantly located at the bottom of this post…somewhere. Once I get to putting it up. You can’t miss it… I hope. I dunno. I have to tinker with WordPress some.

Anyways, on this vote, there are basically four options to what you want to be contained in the first chapter of the book. You could either; find out what happened to Terminus, bring in a new main character, learn more about one of the main character’s past, or be shown more of the powers that Emuna and Brian have.

Of course, I realize those options are extremely vague. So if you want a bit more back story (assuming you know at least a little bit about the books here) here are a few short explanations of the poll options:

Find out what happened to Terminus: This one is kind of pretty self explanatory. Terminus was swallowed by a powerful form of Luze earlier on in book two, and I never explained entirely what occurred to him. This scenario would give you a glimpse into what, exactly, happened. Do note though that this option is not promising that I’m bringing Terminus back, merely that I am clarifying the technicalities behind his disappearance.

Bring in a new main character: Pretty simple, I guess. I intend to present a new main character early on in the book to add to character conflict and story morals. Also…said character is just awesome.

Learn more about one of the main character’s past: If you haven’t guessed, this book is slightly a bit more focused on the psychological aspects of my main characters. Due to that, I will be presenting a lot of new information about their past and some of the situations they have all gone through to make them who they are. Choosing this options means that I will have one of the characters ‘open up’ within the first chapter of the book. Note that if you choose this option I am going to put up another poll, asking which character you would like to hear about most. Depending on your choice, I may or may not use that as the character that talks about their past in the first chapter.

Be shown more of the powers that Emuna and Brian have: So, you’ve all seen a little bit of what luze can do, but I’ve been keeping it pretty vague as to exactly what extent of strength these two characters have in their whimsical powers. In this book, I will touch a little bit more on that (and a little more in the next book, too). Choosing this option will ensue that you will get to learn some more about luze within the first chapter.

Just in case you’re wondering, this poll will be opened until the end-ish of May/whenever I feel like I’ve gotten enough votes and choose to close it. There’s really no officially set date, but the sooner I’ve gotten a lot of votes the better. 😀

Well, I guess that’s pretty much it. So, help me out a bit, and vote on the poll, please? We can’t let writer’s block win this battle!

-Bethany Faith

P.S. Just for the record, this post ended up being way longer than I intended. Sorry about the lack of short, easy, readability there, folks.


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What Lurks In The Forest; Chpt. 6

All righty, folks. Here is chapter six of the sequel to What Lies In The Dark, What Lurks In The Forest. It’s still only the second draft so there are some errors and I plan on revising it some before publishing, but this can just be a little teaser for now. 😉


“Do you know who I am?” whispered a voice.

Emuna could feel the speaker’s cold, wet breath on her neck, but she knew that if she were to turn around there would be nothing. There was nothing, it was all invisible. The tormentor, whoever he was, would not let her see him. She would never know the cause of her death.

“Do you know who I have killed?” the voice continued to taunt, this time in front of Emuna.

Tiredly, she forced herself to respond, “How would I know if I do not know what your face looks like? How am I to know you?” she took a few shallow breaths, “What is it that you want?”

A low chuckle and a strong, forceful punch to her ribs. Emuna let out a yelp as another bone snapped.

“What do I want? What do I want?” the voice said, the sound of footsteps on the floor echoed through the small, dark room as the interrogator continued to taunt and walk behind Emuna. “I want nothing you can give me…yet.”

What felt like a sharp fingernail ran down Emuna’s neck, she fought against it, but could not fight very much. Tied to the small chair in the room, fighting was useless and had proven as such.

The nail stopped halfway down Emuna’s neck. The voice made a slight hissing sound and a sharp pain shot through Emuna; she let out a scream as the nail pulled away.

Another chuckle of contented evil, “Scream as you wish. No one can hear you. Your friends have deserted you…or are dead.”

An unwarranted tear streamed down Emuna’s cheek as she attempted to catch her breath again. “They…would…not…leave me.” she gasped out. Her cheeks began to turn a bright red as she cried silently.

“Is that so? It does not appear that you believe that.” the voice continued its serenade of endless, heart-breaking taunts. “How may I prove to you that they have left? That you are hopeless. What does faith give you now but a longer death?”

Emuna let out a sob, “Please.” she said, “Just kill me and be done. I will not fight.”

“No.” the voice said flatly, “I have plans for you yet. You are no use to me dead. Though that does not mean you must be in any good condition.”

Again came the painful procedures of the many punches and kicks the invisible being would give Emuna.


Brian waited silently in the forest, listening for any sign of human life. The hut that had been the bane of his being for the past day stood in front of him. As he waited for David’s signal he felt his heartbeat rise and his breath quickly began to grow short.

The seconds passed by and Brian began to let his mind wander, his own battle already raging in his mind. War? Perhaps, but it is war for a reason not for revenge. It is war for Emuna. A reason worth war. But I do not wish to start a war, do I? No, I do not wish to start a war, nor will I. I shall simply go in, get her out quietly, and leave. We will decide what to do from-

Brian’s thoughts stopped when David came from behind him and crouched down next to him. “Are you ready, Master Brian?” David asked hesitantly, already knowing the boy’s answer.

Brian nodded, “Most certainly. Let us begin.”

David took in a deep breath and whispered a final prayer to Elah. Then he created a bright blue sword in his right hand and that was the signal.

Slowly at first, Brian began to creep out of the forest and towards the hut, attempting to stay in the most concealed corners possible. As he ran along he attempted to make his breathing shallow and quiet.

Soon, he reached the hut door. It was a wood door with two metal bars across the middle. The wood of the door seemed old and chipped and appeared to be decaying. Brian scrunched his nose up at the smell that resonated from it.

After doing a quick look around the area, Brian slowly slid the iron bars out of the door as quietly as possible. When the door was fully unlocked Brian took a deep breath, created a sword in his left hand and placed his right hand on the rusted, metal doorknob. He closed his eyes for a moment and heard his heart beating…once…twice…


“Weak child.” the voice taunted Emuna, floating around her weak form. “Where is your power now? When will the all-powerful deity save you? Did you not know that he would forsake you?”

Emuna’s breathing was small, almost impossible to hear or see. Every so often she would gasp as she felt the fingernail tracing the cut on her neck, but when the feeling stopped she would close her eyes and resume her semi-conscious state.

“Faith.” the voice scoffed, “Faith they call you. What faith do you have? Tell me you still have faith! Tell me-” the voice stopped its taunt and Emuna could hear and feel it breathing on her neck as it listened. “Footsteps.” the voice growled.

“One of your…guards.” Emuna breathed out, “Do you…fear…your own…men?”

“Shut up!” the voice screamed and, with a gush of wind, Emuna was unconscious.


Brian heard voices in the hut and quickly came to life. He swung the door open and rushed inside the dark hut. It took his eyes a moment to adjust to the pitch blackness that greeted him. To the right of him, Brian heard a screeching sound – like the scream of a strange creature, an inhuman, heartless animal – and a loud gust of wind came along with a whispered word.


Brian’s eyes adjusted just as he started to hear Lupis rushing down the street. His heart skipped a beat when he saw the bound and tortured Emuna in front of him and he began to rush to her, but was suddenly stopped by a Lupi that clamped on his ankle. With a single slice of his sword, the animal was dead, but Brian did not have time to rest before he was attacked by another animal.

Brian fought the army of beasts for a few minutes until it became apparent that he would not be able to save Emuna today. He let out an angered yell as he stabbed a final beast in the heart and created an orb in his hand.

Brian threw the orb at the hut wall and fled through the opening he created. He met up with David and Gavin in the woods and rushed back to the caves, but he left his heart with Emuna in the dark hut.


When the three men reached the cave they were tired from running, but were glad to seem to have lost the army of creatures awhile back.

Brian walked into the cave, breathing heavily; he sat down on a nearby rock with his elbows resting on his knees and sweat wetting his brow. After catching his breath, he looked up at David, Gavin, and Maeve.

“I was close.” he said, “She was right there. She was in front of me.”

“We will try again, Master Brian.” David reassured, though the disappointment was clear in his voice. “We will not give up. You have my word.”

Brian looked down at the ground, “So close.”


Hope you enjoyed!

Bethany Faith

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The History Of Chevl’Set

World Map

So, we all know the history of Narnia and Middle Earth, but I have my own history to share. This would be the history of my fantasy world; Chevl’Set. It’s a rather well-thought out history…seeings as it took me two days to write this, but it is also my favorite history. 😀 And so, without further a-due. Here is the history of Chevl’Set:

When time first began all things were right. The world Elah had molded with his hands, like that of skilled potter, contained beauty beyond description and the goodness in the inhabitants hearts was pleasing to him. It was a world of joy, peace, and faith. All was right and nothing was wrong. Life was eternal and death was yet to be made. All hearts longed for only good and all words were only kind. This was Chevl’Set in the beginning…the beginning before the end.

As it were; Elah chose a race (the Lumenians) to serve him all their lives. He chose to protect and love them and in return they would be faithful to him. This was a satisfying life for most Lumenians, for they were treated better than they felt they deserved, but one of them did not find this life to be worth contentment. Greed filled in this Lumenian’s heart and he tapped into a dark force that had not been awoken. Power surged through his body and he became ever the more greedy. He turned against Elah and fought him with his newfound powers. Elah’s hand was forced; he banned the traitor from the land in which the Lumenians had lived amongst him (Shamayim).

Outraged by his banishment, the traitor wandered Chevl’Set in search for the perfect revenge on Elah. He changed his name to Pavix and took on the form of lies and deceit. Through his wandering he happened upon a race, humans, and they were weak of spirit. So he spent his days whispering hateful thoughts into their ears and telling them stories of little truth. The humans easily fell into his trap and were caused to fall from their place as well. They forgot all of their world’s history other than a few legends worthy not of the true glory of the history. With their memory also went their common sense and they hid behind the mountains at the far south end of Chevl’Set. They created three villages; Realta (the village of the fighters), Yernen (the weak of heart), and Wesmorin (the village of deceivers).

So their fate was decided; they would live (cowering behind the mountainous terrain) without knowledge of their past and with little hope of their future. This is what brings us to today. When truth is viewed as lies and history itself has been forgotten and buried deep within the unexplored and feared lands. A place of many hidden secrets and even more hidden powers. Forces unimaginable are left to decay in the darkness of lies and truth, more important life itself, is tossed to the side as an archer would toss a used arrow. Despite all these things, we still do not reach the end of our world. For Elah is of a merciful and forgiving heart and he has seen the thoughts of a special three…a chosen three. They shall reveal the truth and shatter lies, wield the powers and defeat the evil, and open eyes of the lost and close the mouth of traitors. They are the keys to unlocking the mysteries of Chevl’Set. A last hope in a world with no truth.

Bethany Faith


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The Box

This is actually just a writing prompt that I thought came out really good for a fifteen minute play with words. So here it is. 😀


Emuna shook the box…she didn’t hear anything inside of it. “Hmm…” she looked at the box quizzically for a few seconds before hearing feet behind her. She swung around, fully expecting the man to come back for his box, but was thoroughly disappointed when it was just Gavin.

He noticed Emuna’s jumpiness immediately and he had to make a comment on it (after all, that is what makes Gavin…so utterly annoying), “Why are you so nervous today?”

“I am not!” Emuna snapped, “Where’s Brian?”

“Umm…I think he’s in his tent.” Emuna dashed towards Brian’s tent as he spoke, “Why?” he sat there with his hand pointing in the direction of the tent for a few seconds before shaking his head and brushing off her peculiar behavior. It was Brian’s problem now.


Brian was busy placing dishes on the table when Emuna dashed into the tent frightening him so much he managed to drop the glass dish he was holding, on the ground, “Oh! For the love of Ela-” he cut himself off and sighed as he began picking up the pieces of glass. He pricked himself with one and pulled his finger back quickly, “Ow.” he whispered under his breath.

Emuna didn’t seem to notice the chaos she had just caused and instead floated up to the table where she promptly started to rant, “Leave the dish, Brian.” she placed a box on the table as Brian stood up, a few pieces of broken glass still in his hands.

“Emuna, I have to clean this-”

“Yes, yes, I know.” she interrupted, “Look at this.” she gestured to the small cardboard box.

“A box?” he said slowly, staring at her precariously, “Mm-hmm…Emuna, I’m worried. Should we go talk to-”

“Don’t be worried!” she snapped, “Some strange man ran up to me while I was walking at the beach and handed me the box. He said in a deep scary voice, ‘Don’t open it.’ than ran away. Leaving me with the box. What do I do?!” she complained.

“Alright…” Brian starred at the box as he thought.

“Brian!” Emuna rushed.

“I’m thinking!”

“Well, think faster!”

“Fine! Fine! Fine! We should open it.”

“You think?”

“Well, we can’t very well keep it never knowing what’s inside…let me clean up this mess and we’ll sit down and open it. Just don’t…do anything.”

Emuna nodded and sat down a few feet away on a bed, holding the box. She watched as Brian busied himself cleaning up the broken dish.


Brian and Emuna sat across each other on the table, the box sat in the middle of them. “Who will open it?” Emuna whispered, her voice trembling with excitement and fear.

“I’ll do it…since he did instruct you not to open it…he didn’t say anything to me.”

Emuna nodded and starred wide-eyed as Brian slowly lifted the lid off the cardboard box. It took an agonizing long time for him to finish ever so carefully lifting up the lid. He finally got it off and placed it beside the box on the table. Than he grabbed the box and looked inside it. A frown crossed his face.


Bethany Faith


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Chapter 13: So It Is Not Forgotten

Not sure how well you’ll follow this, but for a rough draft I thought this chapter was relatively good. It’s chapter 13 of the book I’m currently devoting almost all my free time to, What Lies In The Dark, and probably the chapter I was most excited about since I could pretty much run with the drama. Haha…did I mention I like drama? Anyways, sorry if this seems sort of sketchy since it’s just a draft. Quite a rough draft actually….hope you enjoy it despite! 😀


“We should be reaching a gorge any time now.” David announced as they traveled through an open plain.

The four of them had been walking all night. Emuna had complained about being tired and Brian complied to carrying her so she could get some sleep. Now the four of them walked in such a order; David took point, Brian walked a step or so behind him, carrying sleeping Emuna, and Gavin walked a few steps behind Brian.

“A gorge?” Gavin called to David wearily. The dragon’s words played in his mind once more and the wheels began to turn on how he would keep Emuna from passing.

“Yes, it is called Letum Incipia, or Death’s Beginning in your language.” David said as he realized a sort of dip in the ground up ahead. The rising sun barely managed to provide enough light for him to catch it.

“Sounds lovely…” Gavin mumbled.

David stopped and turned around to face Brian, Gavin, and sleeping Emuna. “The sun is rising and I can see the gorge up ahead, I think we should stop and rest for the day. We will continue our journey upon nightfall.”

“In this open plain?” Brian said, looking around at the open ground that required no coverage for them. “We can be seen for miles.”

David smiled. “Indeed, if there where anyone to see us. I believe today we will have no problem with our enemies. Elah Shaddaih scared them off for a day. Unless one of us calls our enemy back they will not return until tomorrow. Around the time we will be reaching Elah’s plain.”

“Alright.” Brian said. He kneeled down carefully and laid Emuna on the ground. She let out a small whimper and turned on her side, covering her face with her hands and pulling her knees up to her stomach. “We should find food and make a fire. Who would like to find the food?” he took Emuna’s bow and arrow off his shoulder and held it out in the air.

“I will!” Gavin jumped grabbing the bow and quiver full of arrows out of Brian’s loose grip.

Brian raised an eyebrow and Gavin, but didn’t object aloud. “Very well, Gavin. Try over there.” he pointed a five minutes walk away to a patch of trees where Gavin could see them, but not be seen. “We shan’t be able to scare the animals at that distance.” Gavin nodded and sprinted towards the patch of trees.


Brian, David, and Emuna sat around the fire. Gavin had not returned from his hunting yet and it was well into the afternoon. Emuna had woken up a few minutes after Brian and David had finished making the fire, which was made much easier by Emuna’s white cordial. Now they three of them sat there quietly each wondering the same thing. Where was Gavin?

Finally, Brian broke the silence. “I’m going to go get that egotistical narcissist.” He got up off the ground and wiped off the few pieces of grass that had stuck to his pants.

“Very well, Sir Brian. Be back in fifteen minutes or we’ll assume a search party.” David said, throwing a piece of wood in the fire they had made.

Brian nodded than smiled at Emuna before turning and heading towards the patch of trees Gavin had disappeared behind a few hours ago.


Gavin had reached the patch of trees fairly quickly. He turned back for a second to see the other three one last time. Brian was pouring a drop of water over the ground, David was gathering fire wood, and Emuna still slept on the ground. He wondered for a second what he was doing and why he was doing it, but he quickly pushed the thoughts aside. I’m doing this. Besides not like they treat me any better. He probably could’ve thought of several times when Brian and Emuna had, in fact, treated him better, but he did not.

Gavin took a photo of his three companions in his mind than ducked behind the trees, rendering himself invisible to the other three. When he saw no one he sat down under a tree and placed his hands in the position to use his power. He slowly focused on creating an orb. The same fiery pain that had surged through his hands before came again, stronger this time. He set his jaw and focused on the small light being created above his hands.

Gavin wasn’t entirely sure how long he had sat there staring at the white orb (could’ve been minutes, could’ve been hours) when it melted away and he looked up to see Terminus standing behind a tree, concealed well by some shadows. Beside him stood a short man, not unlike the one Emuma had killed, with five daggers strapped to his belt and a bow and quiver swung around his back.

“We await our order, General Gavin.” the stout man said.

“General?” Gavin asked, looking up from the man to Terminus. Standing up so he was eye level with him.

“Yes, you shall be general. Though, I shall still refer to you as Gavin and nothing else. I do not stoop to formal names.” Terminus said, his expression remaining emotionless. “We have an army waiting. When do you think is the best time to attack and kill them?”

Gavin’s eyes widened. “Kill them? You didn’t say you would kill them!” he snapped.

“Watch your tone boy!” Terminus barked back. “I did not tell you because I knew you would be too weak. I was protecting you, but protect you I can no longer. You have five minutes to tell me when the best time is or I will assume my massacre in fifteen. Now, answer me. when is the best time to attack?”

“I….uhh…” Gavin was dumbfounded, it hadn’t really hit him until now that he would be killing David, Brian, and Emuna and he most certainly hadn’t noticed that he actually did (in a very uncharacteristic way) consider them to be his friends. Perhaps, his only friends. The realization that he had possibly just signed his friend’s death sentences struck him like a dagger in the heart. He felt his hands go cold and his face turn white as words left him. He had to do something…but he couldn’t think of anything that could be done in time. They would all die because of him and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

A strong hand slapped Gavin hard across the cheek, leaving a red mark where it had hit. Gavin blinked back a few involuntary tears and forced himself to look up at Terminus. “I said answer me boy!”

Thoughts raced through Gavin’s mind. He had to respond. The only two options he had; he could save himself or die trying to save them. For the first time he was torn between his own well being and the well being of others. He lowered his gaze from Terminus and starred at the sword on Terminus’ side. “How long?”

“How long what?” Terminus said, his voice dripping with rage.

“How long have I been here?…if I have been gone for longer than two hours they will be wondering where I am and be unsuspecting of the danger that is upon them.”

“Three hours.”

“Than in fifteen minutes is the best time to attack.” came Gavin’s solemn reply as he felt tears threatening to pour from his eyes.

“Good man.” Terminus said, than turned back to the man behind him and spoke rapidly in another language. The man said something incoherent back to Terminus, bowed, and left the patch of trees, being sure to leave so he would end up on a side that Gavin’s friends could not see. Terminus than turned back to Gavin.


Brian’s breath caught in his throat, he had just watched as Gavin had given Terminus the okay to kill them all. Now he stood and watched as Gavin stood in front of Terminus, silence filling around them. Brian wanted to kill, stab, and slap Gavin all at once, but he knew he had more priorities than revenge. Starting with warning Emuna. So he got up from the tree he was hiding behind, his foot slipped on a rock and he tripped and almost fell, had it not been for a branch he caught. The branch broke. It fell to the ground with a thud.

“Someone is here.” Terminus growled, drawing his sword.

Brian gave up on the stealthy and smooth approach and opted for the run and scream method. He sprinted out from the tree he was hiding behind, just barely missing the blade of Terminus’ sword as it swung to decapitate him.

“Gavin! Let’s go now!” Brian said, even after this boy had practically just murdered him he had to at least try to save him. Maybe it wasn’t the smartest move, but he felt as if it was necessary.

“Don’t go with him, Gavin! We must prepare the army!” Terminus scolded as he re-sheathed his sword and made a signal with his hands into the sky.

Gavin thought for a second between the panicked Brian and the murderous Terminus. Than nodded to Brian whom preceded to dash out of the trees to warn the others, Gavin close behind him.


Emuna and David stood up as they saw the two boys rushing towards them. Brian seemed worried and all of the color had left Gavin’s face. For a second Emuna thought she saw, shame. Perhaps remorse, even, on the boy’s face.

Brian reached them first, stopping beside Emuna. He didn’t speak for a few seconds to catch his breath, “Terminus is coming. With an entire army. We have to go.”

“My father?….How did he…” Emuna’s voice trailed off as everything suddenly fit together in her mind. It was as if she had been working on a puzzle and the last piece had finally clicked into place. She saw the full picture. “You evil brute Gavin!” she screamed, “How could you?! Now we’re…we’re…” once again her voice sunk to a whisper. She turned to David. “What’s going to happen to us?”

David’s face showed the answer to her question before he spoke it. “It’s impossible to run from Terminus’ army…we would need something to keep him here for a few minutes until we can cross the gorge.”

Emuna lowered her eyes. This was it. She was going to die. The knowledge that this journey would end in her death had lingered in her mind since she had been kidnapped at the cave. She just had wished that she would have more hope of survival when it came down to this.

“I’ll stay.” Brian suddenly said. Everyone turned to look at him. Gavin’s face showed the most amount of surprise. “I can keep him here for at least three minutes before they finish me off. Do you think you can get Emuna out of harms way in that time lapse, David?”


“Are you in the upmost certainty of this? I want her gone before I swing my last blow.” David nodded, his facial expression changing from surprise to respect. Without warning he bowed to Brian.

“Of course, Master Brian. Your sacrifice will not be forgotten.”

Brian would’ve spoken words of gratitude as well had the sound of clanking metal not reached his ears. The four of them turned to see an army running at full pace towards them.

“Brian…” Emuna pleaded, the tone in her voice begging him to stay, to think of something else he could do. Anything but this. She couldn’t stand the thought (and even less the actual event) of Brian dying.

Brian tore his gaze from the army to look at Emuna, her brown eyes were on the verge of spilling over with her bright tears. Every few seconds her lip would quiver as she bit back sobs. “You have to go. Now.” he whispered to her urgently pushing her towards David gently, but she didn’t move. She refused to take her eyes off Brian. “It’ll be fine.” he whispered before pressing a gentle kiss to her forehead. She let out a small sob as he softly turned her around and nudged her towards David.

His hand slipped from her shoulder as she reached the side of the other man. “We must make haste, Miss Emuna, the army is almost upon us.” Emuna nodded to David as he grasped her hand (half in comfort and half to coax her to come along with him) and sprinted towards the gorge.

Gavin stood looking at Brian for a second longer. Wondering why he would give himself for him. For a traitor. Brian looked him in the eye one final time. I forgive you, Gavin of Realta.

With that Gavin turned and rushed to catch up with Emuna and David. Turning behind one more time as he reached the gorge, only to see Brian covered by the blur of Terminus’ army. He muttered a single sentence under his breath, though he knew Brian could not hear him.

“Thank you.”


My bad if the end seemed a little sappy…I’ll probably revise that later. Thanks for reading!

Bethany Faith


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What Lies In The Dark; Character Sketches

I wrote a few character sketches for my MCs in What Lies In The Dark a few weeks ago. So, I figured I’d post them here, since I haven’t posted anything about that book yet. Anyways, here you go. 😀

I am Emuna and I grew up in the small town of Realta hidden by a forest, mountains, and uncharted territories. I was born in a time of war and my father was off fighting before he had even seen my face, I never met him. So my mother struggled to raise me and my older brother, she would teach us everything she could while desperately trying to support us.

Once my brother was of age, he began to train for war. And so at the age of 15 my brother completed his training. I remember watching him march off into the horizon with an army by his side. At the age of 8 my mother couldn’t explain very much to me about what he was going to do, but she didn’t have to. I already knew.

As I grew I slowly adventured more into the village and attempted to make friends with other children my age, attempts though were all that they were. It seemed my name was a common topic, one which I didn’t know much about. I asked my mother and she explained to me that she had heard the legend from an elder once and when I was younger she used to sing it to me and it would calm me. I liked the tale she told me about my name and never let anyone tell me otherwise.

But I don’t wish to weld on this subject…To clarify, I lost my mother when I was 10 only one week after my brother had returned from a battle. An army had attacked our town and my brother had been instructed to lead us and two of our neighbors to a cave in the forest until the fighting died down. My mother held my frightened form on her lap as she once again whispered the tale of Emuna into my ears to calm me. There was a twang of a bow string and I felt a warm liquid on my arms, my mothers strong grip suddenly lifeless as her hands slipped from my body. I lifted my head from her chest to see the red feather of an arrow jutting from it, just barely missing me. I cried into her body that was slowly growing cold, seemingly oblivious to what war that could’ve been ragging behind me. My body tensed as I felt my brothers arms wrap around me and carry me out of the cave, leaving my mother behind.

Since then I have been training as a soldier. My brother tried to convince me otherwise, but his words were useless and in the end I convinced him to talk to the chief about placing me in archery training. I began my training when I was 11 and by the time I was 14 I knew enough war craft to hold my own in battle. I was taught in archery, hand-to-hand combat, swordsmanship, & I can handle myself with a dagger pretty well too.

I am 16 now and my long brown hair reaches to my waist from years of not cutting it since my mothers passing. I currently reside in my brothers home with his wife Sarah and infant son. As for friends, or loved ones, other than my brother and his family I am not close to anyone. Nobody sees me when I cry myself to sleep the nights I remember the day of my mothers death or knows my interests in the uncharted territories behind the mountains that no one dares to cross.

In one month I am to go into my first battle, our chief has set his sites on the tribe of Wesmorin and is gathering the soldiers to begin the siege soon. The first battle is important for young soldiers like myself, though my brother does not think I am ready I beg to differ. I am more than ready.
I am a warrior of the town of Realta and my name is Brian. It means strong man, my parents picked it out for the meaning since I was chosen to be a soldier from birth. My father was a commander in the army when I was born and my grandfather fought in the wars until his death 5 years before my birth and so I am to carry on the tradition, whether or not I want to.

Since I was 10 years old I began learning of the ways of war, until than I had been taught small bits of grammar, history, and geography. Most young men do not continue with their studies when they begin training for battle, but I did. Especially geography, I find interest in studying the lands far beyond, though we are forbidden to cross past the mountains. My father does not approve in my fascination of the “weak man’s arts” as he calls them, he thinks they are…well…for weak men. My mother’s opinion is not spoken, but I know she secretly is proud of her “smart little boy”. She isn’t aloud to call me that in front of my father, though, because it will result in a lecture of how I am a “warrior” and not a “little boy”.

The problem I have is, I have disappointed my father. I went into battle for the first time when I was 15, I was gone for a week fighting for what is ours. To be entirely honesty, I did not take joy in it, despite the opinions of everyone that I was good at it. Though, the battle isn’t what pried me to make the decision to tell my father I did not want to be a soldier. When I came home my younger sister had fallen ill and, at the age of 7, passed away, not 1 hour before I came back. I suppose I could get into the science of my choice, that I blame myself or whatever it is my mother tries to convince me out of, but I don’t wish to. I only tell you this because I would like to state that I have not gone into battle since.

I am 16 now and I am yet to march off into another battle. I still carry my sword with me and go on the occasional hunting trip to assist in catching a hare, but not battle. My father is disappointed in me and has not treated me the same since I turned down the family tradition, it doesn’t really matter to me though since I knew the instant I picked up a geography scroll that I would not live to my father’s expectations.

As for my mother, she seems to be satisfied with me doing “whatever my heart desires”. Indeed I do just that, I enjoy going to the elders and speaking with them about legends foretold about the uncharted lands. But do not be fooled, despite my lack in official battle training, I can still hold myself in battle if necessary, Gavin made a mistake of underestimating my skills once, but that it a whole other story.
My name is Gavin and I am the son of the chief of the tribe of Realta and I am 17 years of age. One day I am to take over his position of chief and I will rule Realta. Of course, I must first do many things. Beginning with my first “flawless battle” as we call them in Realta. This is a time when I young soldier goes into battle and does not suffer any serious injuries. These are extremely hard to accomplish, but I will someday, for it is my destiny. Another thing I must do is kill my first mountain lion. In this ceremony me, my father, and some of the strongest teenage soldiers we have go into the mountains in search for a great mountain lion. When we find him I am to shoot him with a bow…admittedly I am not the best archer, I find myself to be more handy with a sword. Never the less I shall hit that mountain lion, I have been training for it my whole life.

When I was born my parents were overjoyed, at the time they had one eight year old girl, but they were in desperate need for a male heir. They said when my brith was announced the whole town rejoiced and feasted for a week!

My older sister married to a local peasant when I was 10. I do not understand how she can marry a peasant a scholar none the less. But we weren’t talking about her we were talking about me. As I was saying my sister married when I was ten. I remember this because I was ten when I began my battle training. Starting with sword-fighting, hand-to-hand combat, archery, and dagger throwing, last. I grew quiet fond of these things and I have a dream as to putting then to use. My mother told me of the uncharted territory, how no man dares to go past the mountains, I hope to one day charge into those territories and conquer them for Realta.

But that us a long time away, let’s speak of present events. Such as my first battle to be next week! It is customary that 16 year old soldiers go into their first battle, though when I was 16 it was a time of peace. So now at 17 I shall go into my first battle. And fight flawlessly.

Bethany Faith


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