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The Day Darkness Dawned – Part 2

As promised, here is the next part in my short story:


Rokam swung his leg over the side of his midnight colored steed. The horse shifted uncomfortably with the new burden he bore, but after a moment, adjusted his hooves to stand firmly against the ground. His firm neck reaching out high in the stanse of a great warhorse. The dark shimmer of his well-groomed coat sparkled slightly in the sunless shadows as the crowed watched with judgemental interest.
Their glares could be felt on Rokam as he sat upon his horses. The color of his steed volunteered the information that he would be traveling to the sunlit lands, giving the people a strong contempt for this traveler even before he had gone to the feared territories.
With no reason to hide his true nature, Rokam allowed the hood of his cloak to hang lazy behind his back. His deep brown eyes were now visible, containing the same mystery as the colorless sky. The brown hair that waved just above his shoulders fluttered about his face as the cold breeze caressed him.
He turned his horse around to face the people watching. The broken breath of a sigh parted from his lips while he studied the crowd before him. His eyes met with that of a girl, she must have been in her late twenties by now, no more than one or two years younger than he.
She had long, blond hair that reached to just above her shoulder blades. It was quite visible, even from a distance, that her hair was soft and gentle, not like that of pale people’s white hair, which tangled and felt as wires to the hands. Though what was most noticeable about the girl was her bright, blue eyes that shimmered like diamonds. They were light colored eyes, but not the white ones that Rokam’s father had. It was these color eyes that were once considered to belong only to those of royal blood. Long before the sunless days, those with these eyes were treasured and looked up to as elders with overflowing wisdom.
She looked up at Rokam when their eyes met. Her hands rested gently on a small bump on her stomach as small tears began to make their way down her cheeks.
Rokam nodded courteously to her and turned his horse around, not spending time to search the crowd for his father. He gave his horse a firm kick, causing the animal to lunge forward into a face-paced trot. The horse picked up pace as it ran onward, slowly making its way far from the kingdom gates.
The crowd hissed and screamed cruel insults at him as he vanished into the thick darkness. But the girl simply watched. Her eyes strained to see Rokam for as long as was possible, but soon the shadows swallowed him and she looked down, her small sobs going unheard by the raging crowd.
Rokam’s horse trotted over a stream softly. The hard hooves made splashes in the water that sprinkled the ground as they passed over it. Rokam looked up at the sky, studying the new shade it had become. It was still not the bright blue he had been told of, but it had began to turn a deep shade of purple.
To understand what Rokam saw as he traveled onward, you will have to had seen a sunrise. The colors shifted and the night seemed to slowly melt away as if the sun were coming out after a long nap. However, unlike an ordinary sunrise this one did not grow because the time of day changed, but rather, because Rokam continued traveling forward. Therefore, if he had paused his horse, the slowly rising color in the sky would have halted as well, since he no longer travelled closer to the lands containing sunlight.
Rokam though, did not care much to discover this, instead, as it grew more bright, he grew more anxious. Urging his horse onward with a few gentle kicks, he started off on a light canter, which soon turned into a fast gallop.
It took Rokam only a few moments before the sun was fully raised and shining brightly above him. He was forced to squint his eyes until they adjusted to the light, but he did not slow down. He rode faster as the warm light heated his back. Now he could see he was in a forest. Going onward, he hoped he would reach the end of this sea of trees soon.
Finally, his horse broke through the thick forest trees. It slowed to a halt, pausing so his rider could take in the clearing in woods.
The sky, now fully visible as it was not covered by the tree canopy, was a bright shade of blue, sprinkled with the rays of light the sun provided. Large, white clouds clumped together in small parts of the heavens, sometimes blocking the sun, but never for too long.
Rokam dismounted from his horse. He patted its neck as it stooped down and began to eat the green grass underneath its feet. He took the brown bag that was attached to the horse’s saddle and swung it on his shoulder.
“Stay here. I will be back.” he said, brushing his hand across the horse’s neck a final time before he turned to study where he stood.
He now stood at the beginning- or rather, the end – of a long, dirt road. It led towards where the sun was high in the sky, surrounding the earth in its warm light. The road led to a small hut, visible to Rokam’s eyes even though it was far from where he was. The distance between him and the building was too much for him to be able to conclude if it was either empty or or not. Nevertheless, Rokam decided he would walk towards it and take a closer look.
When Rokam reached the hut, he was disappointed to find that it appeared to be rather old. The door was rotting and the stones where covered in various forms of moss. Though, the door appeared to have been locked. Rokam sighed and knocked on the wooden door, fully expecting no one to answer.

A few moments passed.
The old, metal doorknob wobbled as it was shoved open. An older woman with dark eyes and a cruel face stood in front of Rokam. She scowled at him. She wore a simple robe that reached to the ground, covering her body. Her hands were clenched into tight fists and she almost seemed to hiss when she spoke.
“What do you want?” she said.
Rokam bowed politely, “My lady, I am Rokam, son of Rinian from the Kingdom of Teshmar, and I have come to seek aid in a great crisis that has occurred in my land.” he gestured to the sky, “Our sun has vanished and, our sky, left without any light. It has been so for hundreds of years and I fear my people are growing ill in more ways than one.”
The woman looked Rokam up and down, her face contorted in obvious contempt, “What is it you expect me to do for you then, strange person?”
“I only ask that you point me towards anyone of the people in the sunlit lands that may be able to offer me their assistance. I would be greatly in debt to you if you did so.”
The woman opened her mouth to answer when a small child pushed past her legs and burst into the open. The little girl, who had bright red hair and kind, yet somehow frightened, eyes, proceeded to then cling to Rokam’s legs, sniffling on occasion as if she were holding back tears.
Rokam chuckled and bent down on one knee so he looked the little girl in her green eyes. He gently pushed away the strand of hand that covered her eyes, and smiled kindly.
“Hello, little one. What might your name be?” he asked kindly.
The girl looked at him with wide eyes. She shook her head once before throwing herself in his arms.
The woman scoffed and rolled her eyes, “She cannot hear you. And even if she could, her mother was crazy and so is she.”
Rokam frowned and stood up while carrying the child, allowing her to rest her head on his shoulder. “She does not seem to be so, merely frightened. Do you happen to know what may have frightened her?”
“I haven’t the faintest idea.” the woman brushed the topic away, “She is only three years of age; anything will frighten her. Now, if you would kindly give me back my granddaughter, I would be much more open to helping you.”
Rokam sighed and placed the young girl beside the woman, “Be good now and stay there.” he said before placing a kiss to her forehead and giving her a friendly smile. Then he stood up and faced the woman, “Who then, my lady, do you think could assist me in bringing the sun back to my people?”
The woman shoved the girl inside before answering to Rokam, “I can. Tell me more of when the sun left your people.”
“It came when our king was crowned hundreds of years ago. The old royal family had passed and were left with no descendent to the thrown and so a new one was appointed. The day of the coronation the sun turned black and the sky was left without a cloud nor a star. It has been so since.”
“And this king,” the woman asked, “he is still in the throne, or at least, his descendants?”
Rokam nodded, “Aye.”
The woman chuckled, “Your people must be blind to the ways the unseen realms work to not have concluded the most obvious cause of your unfortunate demise.”
“Indeed.” the woman said, “The first king carried a curse, of sorts, that was placed upon your land when he was chosen to rule it. Most likely, he took an oath with a power beyond anything either him or you have. Thus the sun will remain lost to your homeland until the last descendant of his falls from the throne.”
Rokam looked shocked, “Are you suggesting that I, Rokam of Teshmar – a mere peasant,- should dare to threaten my king’s life?”
“No…” The lady snickered, “I am suggesting you murder him. Why merely threaten a life you intend to take? Whatever your choice, it does not matter to me, I have answered your question. Now be gone with you.”
“But why- you- I need an explain- ma’am!” Rokam stuttered as the door to the hut was shut on his face. He sighed and looked down, kicking the dirt on the ground and grumbling to himself.

-Bethany Faith


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100 Theme Challenge: Day 13

Theme: Vengeance

With Her Died My Heart

It was such a minor problem. She had not meant to wrong me.
It was such a small argument. I could have merely let it end.
It was pointless to hold a grudge against her. She had never meant to be bad.
It was such a silly fight. It wasn’t her fault. No one had to be blamed.
But I was blind.

In the end, no matter whom I blamed, I was the one that caused it all.
It was me who drew the sword. I was so filled with anger.
It was me who became like a shark; blind at the moment of the kill.
It was me who chose not to forgive. I chose vengeance.
She had to die.


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100 Theme Challenge: Day 11

Theme: Seeking Solace

We Are…

So lost are we are in a world with no hope. We seem to go by slowly, day by day, merely hoping to make it through another dark night. Like wandering we stars, we never feel like we have found home and seem to be unsheltered, exposed to all the rain that pours into our lives. Never do we feel full, always hungry and thirsty. Cold and sick of the world we were not made for. We are all strange, all odd and different. None are like us, nobody understands us. Here we are in our worlds of sadness, depression, and confusion. So lost we are. Seeking solace from the only One we know who can comfort us.


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100 Theme Challenge: Day 6 and 7

Theme: Opportunities

The Last Chance

It was last his last opportunity. He had one minute to choose whether or not to take it. He could go back to his old life; his old ways. Forget everything he had grown to love, everyone he had grown to care about, all he had grown used to it. His final opportunity to choose between past or present in order to control his future. The last chance…and he wasn’t sure if he would choose it.

Theme: 33%

33% Left

I opened my phone hopefully, looking at the battery which held the small numbers, 33% on it’s picture. I sighed, that much battery wasn’t going to be of very much use for what I needed to use the phone for. Half-heartedly, I proceeded to tear the phone apart, taking out the battery and a few other mechanical pieces along with the microphone and antenna.

I combined the various items from my phone with an old radio I also had handy and created a make-shift listening device. With only 33% battery left.


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100 Theme Challenge: Day 5

NOTE: Yes…this one is sort of…dark. But, hey, the theme was dark, it’s sort of a given that I was gonna write a solemn story for it. 😉

Theme: Death

The Death of Me

After so long of being in pain, I’ve become numb. I’ve forgotten the feeling I had before the agony. I’m not really sick. My body isn’t really dying, but my heart is. I’ve given in, given up, laid down, and died.

Or at least, I want to, if only one could choose their own death. If only I could take myself from this world, from this pain, this mysterious darkness that haunts my emotions. It seems as if that was the the only option.

Why live if I’m going to live in darkness? Why breath if my breaths will be cold? Why let my heart beat, if it only grows more heavy with each passing day? And so, everyday, I wish for one thing. I wish for death.

But death never comes. It denies me its solace and comfort. I wait at my door, hoping it will come knocking, but never does it show itself. No matter how many times I call it, how many times I ponder if I could force it to come myself, it never does, and I never have the strength to do so myself. Perhaps, one day, I will be the death of me.


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100 Theme Challenge: Day 2

Theme: Unbreakable
The Unbreakable

It is unbreakable. It is never ending. It is always there. Eternal. All-knowing. It is certain; it is perfect. It is not what we can see, not what we can touch. It is life. Death cannot break it. Tears cannot harm it. Pain only makes it stronger. It is what we breath; it is what we need. Without it, we are nothing. It is the very reason of our existence, and it is our everything in moments when we have nothing. It is unbroken, unharmed, untouched, unexplained. It is our hearts, our minds, our souls. It is God’s love.

Theme: Obsession
Obsessed With What I Cannot Find

I woke up from my nightmares sweating, breathing heavy and gasping as if I had just come out of water. My eyes couldn’t seem to focus on one object as I searched the room for what I hoped to find. I wanted to find him. I didn’t know why, but I had to. Of course, I wouldn’t find him in my bedroom, sitting on the edge of my bed and ready to hold me. I wouldn’t find him when I fell asleep and the dreams began to haunt me again. I wouldn’t find him when I collapsed on the ground and screamed his name until no words came out of my open mouth. I never found him, because I wasn’t searching.

The nightmares. The endless torments. I couldn’t take them much longer. It seemed as if there was always something behind me.

I turned around, only for my eyes to meet the wall my bed leaned against.

It felt as if something was always inside of me, wanting to come out.

I gasped and covered my ears with my hands.

It seemed as though something was always there to jump in front of me.

I screamed and opened my eyes, falling off my bed as I did so.

Then I sat there. I couldn’t sleep any more tonight. So I merely sat there, my arms wrapped around my knees and my eyes downcast at the ground. I took deep breaths in an attempt to calm myself, but it didn’t help. The tears still ran down my cheeks. The creatures still haunted my dreams. My memories still wouldn’t fill my mind.

“All I want, is to find him.” I whispered, my voice coming out shaking and frightened.

Then, when all hope seemed lost, a single quote came to mind. And then, I remembered.

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100 Theme Challenge

So, there was a challenge floating around that is basically a list of 100 themes (hence… 100 theme challenge. ;)) and you have to write something from each theme, whether it be a short story, a poem, etc. So… I decided I’d try it, because I’m crazy…and I figured it might be fun… Maybe.

Anyways, that means I’m going to post everything I write on my blog, so probably a post a day (excluding weekends). Therefore, since I started the challenge this morning, here are the ones I’ve written so far:

Theme: Introduction

Introducing Your Hidden Enemy

To introduce myself, I am a thought. A fleeting moment; a fading memory. I cannot be stopped and your will cannot change mine. I cannot be seen, I can only be described. I am lost yet found. I can do as I please and act as I wish. But you need not fear me for I only come for one, innocent reason. To remind you of the hot breath you feel on your neck in the morning hours. The creatures that haunt your dreams, I have placed them there. Therefore, do not fear me. Hate me as I hate you.

Theme: Complicated

It Is Complicated…

My King,

I can no longer hide the thoughts that linger in my mind. I shall indeed confess that tears do sprinkle down my face as I write this. You have been so kind to me and I am a terrible person to have kept from you a secret so great for so long. I hope that, perhaps, you would still love me after I confess the truth. If not though, it will make nary a difference as, by the time you read this, I shall already have passed away. For I have drank poison and have but only an hour glass time to write this.

To put it shortly, I am not who I have said I am. My blue eyes are not from royalty and I do not come from the lands to the east. In truth, my father was an innocent farmer in your land when the great war broke out. He fought bravely until his last stroke and, in his final moments, he begged me to run. But stubborn as I was, I did not run. Instead, I picked up his sword and fought as he had.

Sadly though, I was not trained and my strikes fell short of a great swordsman. Therefore, I was soon captured – which may, perhaps, be the only part of my story that you already know as truth- and taken away. It was in the dungeons of the Diobaine where I met your daughter.

I will kindly tell you, Sir, that even in her young age she was a great woman, and despite her tender years, she was braver than most in those prisons…including myself. It was I who caused your daughter’s death, or rather, I who could have changed it and did not for fear of my own life.

It was then three days after her passing that your men saved me, the last of the prisoners, and took me to you. Brave King, when I saw you and the pain in your eyes, I felt as if I must mend your broken heart if not to fix my wrong, to bring a smile back to my majesty’s face.

Little did I know, my lord, that I would also give you my love as well as what healing I could. I had never expected for you to wrap me in your arms as I cried onto your blouse that night. Never did I think you would bend on your knee and offer, to a mere peasant, your life. And now, as I look back, I see that, in the deepest of my thoughts, I had hoped you would.

It is only now, in my dying moments, that I admit to you what I have carried for so long. I am not royal, I am not a great fighter, and I did not fight for your daughter as I should have, but despite my lies, I do love you, my King, as I have never lied about that. It is complicated and if only I could tell you more, but I see now that my hand grows wary and begins to shake, my writing becomes unreadable. Therefore, beg me pardon and please do not grow angry with such a short note, as I must stop now and lay down to breath my last.

-Your humble servant

Theme: Making History

Making History

We’re making history with every passing day,
We’re following our dreams in every little way,
We listen to His Word as closely as we can,
To fight for what we believe in,
We’re writing down our stories, the stories of our lives,
We’re filling up the book with everything we try,
Brothers and sisters, together as one,
Making history with every moment.

Theme: Rivalry

Sibling Rivalry

It was the most dangerous form of sibling rivalry. We were well-known as the two kingdoms that always fought. Every passing moment we spent planning ways to end the other. It was no longer the battle of whom mother loved most, but rather the battle of who’s army would die first. We killed thousands, wounded millions, ruined many lives. But for what reason? For the mere reason of pride? If only we had not been so blind.


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