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100 Theme Challenge: Day 8

Theme: Dead Wrong

What He Thought…

She would never hurt him, or so he thought. The look in her eyes; hurt, perhaps, but she was not known for violence. She was a forgiving soul with a kind heart. She still loved him, no matter what side of the war she had flown to after the night had come.

That was his final hope. That she would save him. He was captured, any other prisoner would probably die. He would probably die. But he was not any prisoner, he had a friend in there. An old friend that he thought, perhaps, would save him from all of the torments.

The night she came to his dark prison cell, with a dagger and eyes as cold as ice, she spoke to him with the words of a viper. He did not see the girl he had known, the person he had wrong – which he was truly sorry for – he saw a monster, something created by the enemy. This was not the same person.

He thought she would save him. He thought that her love did not die. He thought human error could not break the bond they had. He was wrong.


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