What Lies In The Dark

I am proud to announce that I have officially self-published my first book, What Lies In The Dark, and that it is now available on Amazon . For those of you who use Kindle; I am currently working on getting the book available as an eBook, I will write a post about it when I have time.

As for the book; I thought I would give a few interesting facts and a small summary of the book for everyone, just so you can decide whether or not it is a book you would like to read.

The Fantasy book follows three teenagers and their accidental quest to find the truth behind the lies they have been told their whole lives. Their journey leads them to the creator of their world and drags them through, what they consider to be, the worse days of their lives.

They are almost overtaken by their enemy – a sadistic villain that no longer has a heart, even for his own family – and are pressed beyond, what they thought was, their limits. With the help of a kind and gentle man they make it out a live…but yet another journey awaits them still.

I am not going to spill out everything about my main characters, but I thought it would be neat to tell everyone a small amount about them and where they got their names.
I am obsessed with names…one of the many reasons why I became a writer; I think names mean everything, when you are creating a character. Therefore, all my character’s names came from somewhere and have some meaning…this is what I care to share with you today. I found out that, as a reader, a lot of my friends enjoy hearing about the meaning of the names, I thought you might too.

Emuna: Emuna is Hebrew for faith. The name was inspired by the Bible verse “And now these three remain; faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” (1 Corinthians 13:13) For those of you who are wondering; Ahava is Hebrew for love and Tikva is Hebrew for hope.

Emuna was created shortly after I turned eight, when I began to start writing my first book. She is a character that I have brought with me throughout my writing years, searching for a place where she would fit in. Her name took on many forms; Becky, Alyssa, Safe Heart, Elizabeth, Faith, Hope, Tikva, Sarah, and Meaghan, to name a few.

When I started writing What Lies In The Dark (which I was calling Beyond The Mountains, at the time), I needed a female character and – as always – I ran to the well-developed character that had been hiding in my writing closet for years, searching for her story and her life tale. So, when I finally found a story where her personality would be perfect. I was excited, but I needed a name for her.

I remembered that, earlier that year, I had looked up the Hebrew words for faith, hope, and love and that I wanted to use them as names. So, I decided on Emuna, thinking that it would fit her best.

I quickly fell in love with this new character I had now named and given life story to and her name meant more to me than just “faith” now. In her life story; she needed faith in her family, faith in Elah (or the deity in her world), and faith that she would come out alive and well…without faith, she had nothing.

Brian: Brian is a Celtic name which can mean either “strong soldier” or “noble”, both of which, Brian is.

The character, Brian, was invented out of guesses of how I think I boy would react in certain situations. Due to the history I gave him; his name suited him perfectly.

While Brian is not technically noble (I.E. He is not a prince or a king) he is noble in the way he acts and the way he speaks; he has the nobility of soul and not of blood, which is probably why I like this character so much myself.
As for being a strong soldier, that he is. He has been training as a soldier since he was young and he is certainly not one to be played with.

Gavin: Gavin is also a Celtic name meaning either “Little Hawk” or “White Hawk” and, like all the others, it suits this character as well.

Much like a Hawk when hunting Gavin is quite annoying and patronizing. Gavin is an interesting character in the way that I originally added him for comic relief, but he soon grew a history of his own and ended up adding more to the book than just a few laughs.

Terminus: Terminus is a Latin word that means “The End” and is the name for one of my main antagonistic characters. I chose the name Terminus for this character because I thought it described him well. In many ways, he is the end of the rode and – not trying to give away any storyline spoilers here – the end of the book. I think this characters ties everything together, character interactions wise. He adds a lot of character conflict as well as development that I think makes all the characters he interacts with that much more interesting. Therefore, I chose the name for his antagonistic characteristics and the reactions he caused between characters.

Those are some of the main characters’ and the main antagonists’ names and their meanings. I hope you enjoyed it and don’t forget to look at What Lies In The Dark on Amazon!

Bethany Faith


One response to “What Lies In The Dark

  1. heather

    July 27, 2011 at 2:03 pm

    real cool bethy! I wish i did more reaserch on my character names like that but i think i did enough for now. keep up the good work!!!!:)


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