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What Hides In Their Heart – Poll Results!

Hello again!

So, it is the beginning of June and I have now returned with the results for the poll (which is now closed!) It turns out what I’m going to start my third book with is…

Introducing a new character!

Which is probably gonna be even more fun for me than you guys, since I love new characters. And, quite frankly, this new character is possibly one of my favorites.

Also, just because I would like to torture you guys until I get this book published… I shall tell you a little bit about this new character…and then you won’t hear from her on my blog again until the book is finished. 😉

Short summary of what I know so far:

Her name is Ancantha, which I believe means fire…or flames. Something in Hebrew; I seem to have lost the notes on her name. So I can’t tell you the exacts there. My apologies.

She is from the lands past Shamayim (if you’ve been paying attention to the series this far, you’ll know what that is. If not then just ignore that) and Gavin is going to be the first one of the three to meet her.

Oh, yes, and she’s a girl. In case you haven’t already noticed. 😛

And that is all. I now have writing to get to, seeing as I have given myself only two months to write, edit, revise, proofread, format, and publish a book. So I shall be busy, busy, busy with this series from now on…or else I’ll have to do a dreadful thing and…move my deadline back.

On that note, I might have a small sneak peek or two coming up for this book (and possibly my novel) just in case y’all are curious. And I’ll try to get some short stories up soon. I think I have notes on a mini-series I was daydreaming up the other day…somewhere. I’ll have to go digging.

Okay, now I’m really done. I think that’s all. 😀

-Bethany Faith


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What Hides In Their Hearts vs. Writer’s Block

Hello, yee reader of this post!

In case you haven’t heard, I have two books published (look for information on the first book I published “What Lies In The Dark” on the “published works” page, if this is news to you) which just so happen to be part of a four to five five book series that I am writing titled, Trials of Three.

Consequently, I am writing the series as I publish it. This means that the time between when books come out depends on how long it takes me to plot, write, revise, redo, rewrite, and polish the book. Last year, my two books were released within relatively close range of eachother at about only a five month time span in-between the two releases. That is a very short time span to write books, given the amount of things that have to be done to self-publish a short novella.

In that respect, I intend for the third book to be released sometime late July or early August this year. I realize that’s a larger amount of time in-between books than before, and before you go a’wondering if the longer wait can be blamed on lack of interest in the series, I shall explain it to you.

First of all, I haven’t lost interest in my series. So that small handful of people that are eagerly awaiting the next book (you know who you are) be concerned not. I have a plan. This is what happened:

I wanted to start work on the third book (which you now know has been dubbed “What Hides In Their Hearts”) immediately after I published the second, but I found myself in a bit of a writer’s rut. So I took a stepped back away from it for a bit to reassess my plot, characters, world, etc. and instead started work on the second draft of my novel.

However, my “short” hiatus has gone on for quite awhile (four months, really) and I need to get working on writing it or else my poor beta readers are going to be sorely rushed to do line edits. On that note, I could start writing today only that I’m still stuck on just one aspect of the book.

Where to start.

This book is planned to have a lot of material and, unlike my novel which has proven to always have a good starting point, I could present any number of things in the first chapter. All of them give the reader equally important information, which can all be given at any time in the book.

Now, what does this have to do with you, you ask?

Well, I need your help to get me out of this little pickle of a writer’s block, or else I might never start writing it, and that would just be a shame. Gavin, Brian, and Emuna still have a long way to go before their journey is over. Thus I have concocted an age-old way to solve disagreements.

* insert drumroll here *

A majority vote! Also known as a poll. Which you’ll find pleasantly located at the bottom of this post…somewhere. Once I get to putting it up. You can’t miss it… I hope. I dunno. I have to tinker with WordPress some.

Anyways, on this vote, there are basically four options to what you want to be contained in the first chapter of the book. You could either; find out what happened to Terminus, bring in a new main character, learn more about one of the main character’s past, or be shown more of the powers that Emuna and Brian have.

Of course, I realize those options are extremely vague. So if you want a bit more back story (assuming you know at least a little bit about the books here) here are a few short explanations of the poll options:

Find out what happened to Terminus: This one is kind of pretty self explanatory. Terminus was swallowed by a powerful form of Luze earlier on in book two, and I never explained entirely what occurred to him. This scenario would give you a glimpse into what, exactly, happened. Do note though that this option is not promising that I’m bringing Terminus back, merely that I am clarifying the technicalities behind his disappearance.

Bring in a new main character: Pretty simple, I guess. I intend to present a new main character early on in the book to add to character conflict and story morals. Also…said character is just awesome.

Learn more about one of the main character’s past: If you haven’t guessed, this book is slightly a bit more focused on the psychological aspects of my main characters. Due to that, I will be presenting a lot of new information about their past and some of the situations they have all gone through to make them who they are. Choosing this options means that I will have one of the characters ‘open up’ within the first chapter of the book. Note that if you choose this option I am going to put up another poll, asking which character you would like to hear about most. Depending on your choice, I may or may not use that as the character that talks about their past in the first chapter.

Be shown more of the powers that Emuna and Brian have: So, you’ve all seen a little bit of what luze can do, but I’ve been keeping it pretty vague as to exactly what extent of strength these two characters have in their whimsical powers. In this book, I will touch a little bit more on that (and a little more in the next book, too). Choosing this option will ensue that you will get to learn some more about luze within the first chapter.

Just in case you’re wondering, this poll will be opened until the end-ish of May/whenever I feel like I’ve gotten enough votes and choose to close it. There’s really no officially set date, but the sooner I’ve gotten a lot of votes the better. 😀

Well, I guess that’s pretty much it. So, help me out a bit, and vote on the poll, please? We can’t let writer’s block win this battle!

-Bethany Faith

P.S. Just for the record, this post ended up being way longer than I intended. Sorry about the lack of short, easy, readability there, folks.


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Halflings by Heather Burch – Book Review

You can find Halflings at your local bookstore or online retailer.

This book starts up with action from the start. Opening in a forest, with the moon high in the sky, Nikki Youngblood, a teenager girl, is being chased by hell hounds – wolves released right from that very special place with a sole intent to destroy her. 

While her midnight ordeal is stopped by three Halflings sent to help her, the fight between heaven and hell doesn’t end there. The book follows her as a group of supernatural teenage boys sent to protect her work hard on finding out why so much evil is after her. 

In the process of being protected by the half-angel, half-human boys, she falls madly in love with two of them, Mace and Raven. Then spends a good majority of the book pondering over which one she could have, but the solemn truth reigns that she can’t have either. Humans and Halflings aren’t meant to fall in love.

Stemmed from a controversial Bible verse (Genesis 6:2) there is no doubt that very many people are going to have trouble agreeing with the theology that Burch presents in this book. The fictional concept that Burch offers follows along the lines of this:

The children of the Sons of God and daughters of men were called Halflings. It appears that the Sons of God were fallen angels that decided to take for themselves human wives. Thus the Halflings, due to their origins, are to a certain extent unredeemable. They can neither live in heaven nor on earth nor in hell. 

Because of their inability to be saved they therefore spend their lives helping and protecting humans. They travel from spirit to physical realm by something called the spirit plain (or…something like that. I’ve forgotten the name, haha) and then ‘magically’ show up where they are needed as per the Throne’s orders.

If you’re wondering which side they fight for, it’s the good side…well, usually. Halflings can ‘fall’ and turn to serving Satan, however, they are born serving God. Which is, evidently, God’s mercy for them even though they come from a line of fallen angels. 

However, rebellion flows through their blood and Halflings can have a hard time staying on track. To add to their troubles, they can’t actually hear directly from ‘The Throne’ but are instead dependent upon information from an angel in exile. 

Now, that’s the really broken down version of Miss Burch’s theology, I’m sure there is more to it, but that would be the bare bones. 

Negative Content:

The violence in this book ranges from gaping leg wounds to rotting flesh. At one point Nikki is brought into a battle by Raven where she proceeded to kill a hellhound by repeatedly beating it with a rock. 

While I don’t feel the gore in this book was graphic or frightening (at least not to me) I can see how it can be disconcerting to anybody with potentially squeamish dispositions. Be warned that you’re going to be reading about killing, blood, and other various things if you pick up this book. 

Physical touch is explained in a spiritual way. To clarify, Nikki feels attraction to Mace when she originally meets him due to his half-angel essence. Being supernatural makes him a relaxing and calming person to be around, this is touched up on multiple times. 

After so long, the various descriptions of Nikki’s reactions to the three brothers grew slightly monotonous and I started skipping over them. I think it could have been done a bit more ambiguously without having to pause every few paragraphs. 

As I’ve already mentioned, the theology can be sketchy here seeing as it was based off of a relatively controversial Bible verse. Because of this it’s probably best to be prepared to have a lot of points in the books question your own personal convictions. I didn’t agree with a good amount of the theology presented, but that’s mainly because a lot of it isn’t commonly preached-on concepts. However, I don’t think anything was presented that, personally, made me feel extreme unease.

Finally, there is a love triangle in this book. 

*NOTE: this next part can sort of be considered a spoiler so skip it if you wish.

Originally, Nikki falls in love with Mace, but towards the middle of the book she begins to fall for Raven as well. Though her senses tell her both boys are dangerous, she continues to seek after them. When the book ends, she is torn between which one she should pick, but feels like she still ‘loves’ both of them.

I think the love triangle was a bit too much like Twilight for me – this coming from someone who hasn’t read the books, mind you – and it could have been done just a bit more tactfully. Nikki seemed to swing from boy to boy towards the end without warning, whereas in the beginning she appeared to be relatively loyal to one of them. 

Positive Content:

This book is written from a Christian perspective and it’s modern fiction, so it presents God as a fact as well as makes multiple references to the Bible. Nikki isn’t a Christian (she refers to herself as ‘realist’), but still seems to accept Christianity as a religion generally easily. Then again…having half-angel, half-human boys, and an angel in exile standing in front of you would probably make you believe God exists too.

Nikki shows perseverance, being willing to fight against hell. She also shows bravery and sacrificial acts by wanting to protect the Halflings, her friends, and her parents. 

The Halflings show chivalry as well by protecting Nikki. Mace shows loyalty and makes promises which he keeps, regardless of the situation.  

Nikki keeps everything that is happening a secret, and refrains from telling even her parents. However, the lack of sharing between daughter and parents is portrayed as a stumbling block and frowned upon. In the end, it actually results in a major consequence. 

Nikki’s science teacher displays a good example of a kind adult. He offers to help her when he notices she seems to be struggling with something and repeatedly shows polite and kind behavior.

To note, as I mentioned, this book is written by a Christian author. Therefore, there are sprinkled morals throughout the story (I would list them all, but I think I’ll leave them for you to discover if you read the book) that reflect a Christian worldview. 


Heather Burch pulls together a lot of aspects of Twlight in an attempt to write the same forbidden love, teenage fandom inducing book that has been buzzing about in movies, but with a Christian’s perspective. 

While I don’t think Halflings is going to rise up to my favorite books list anytime soon, I can see Burch’s reasoning for writing the book in the way she did. That said, if you’re dying to read Twilight, but are hesitant because of the vampires and werewolves and are really only interested in forbidden love and various love triangles… You’d probably like this book.

-Bethany Faith


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Book Review – The Unseen by Luke Alistar

You can find “The Unseen” by Luke Alistar on Lulu and Amazon.

Set in early America (Pennsylvania in 1849, if you want exacts) this book gripped my attention from the start. It opens up in an asylum for mentally ill people, where a seventeen year-old girl named Lucy Satin has grown up. Labeled an outcast for claiming to see phantoms, or ghosts. 

Within the first few chapters, I am told of the cruelty that the patients suffer at the asylum and am given a glimpse into the haunted mind of Lucy. The character quickly won my heart and I was routing for her survival and triumph until the last page. 

Alistar does an outstanding job of playing the heart strings of the reader, instantly inciting both pity and love for little, helpless Lucy. 

Like watching the aftershocks of an earthquake, the author shows us the affects that various traumatic experiences have on the girl, and how they have altered her maturity and mental state. From beginning to end, Lucy remains a disconcerting mystery. The character is easily loved and pitied, but her past is still questionable and so is her judgement. This weaves together to make a nicely-paced story that I found to be an enjoyable read. 

Negative Content:

The book contained two scenes where rape was mentioned, though not in such blunt words. The description did not go into unnecessary and squirm-worthy details, though the obvious message could definitely prove as reason to keep this book away from younger readers. 

I, personally, felt that the first scene where sexual assault was mentioned was not disconcerting or nightmare-inducing. Alistar wrote it tactfully and was able to make his point without causing discomfort. However, the second scene crept a little bit too close to the edge of my comfort zone for me, and I would have preferred had he maybe skipped over it a bit more. 

On a similar note, as you can imagine, there are a few scenes where Lucy is undressed due to bathing, cold, simply shredded clothes, etc. Her physical features when nude are not mentioned to us though, which keeps such scenes acceptable and appropriate.

Also, in one scene, an older character attempts to explain the motive behind the mens’ actions towards Lucy. Once again, he doesn’t go into details, but does mention sex and the world’s unsatisfiable hunger for it, like money.

Various characters let a few curse words slip, usually referring to another person or themselves in anger or frustration. Because of this the words ‘ass’ and ‘damn’ are used  multiple times and the term ‘bastard’ is used once. Lucy is also referred to as a ‘whore’ on several occasions, and commonly called a ‘witch’ along with comments about burning her.

Having been raised in a military town though, I didn’t feel the use of such words distracted much from the story. The context they were used in wasn’t horrible and didn’t pose a stumbling block for me. If you’re really uncomfortable with profanity in any sense, I probably wouldn’t recommend this book to you though. 

Positive Content: 

While this book doesn’t exactly paint images of rainbows and fluffy kittens, it is sprinkled with pictures of positive morals and uplifting messages.

From start to finish the book shows examples of sacrifice, loyalty, friendship, and perseverance. Lucy herself shows great bravery and courage by pressing forward, regardless of when things grew too dark for her to bear, with the intention to keep a promise she made to a friend before his passing.

Though many people treat her cruelly, the girl also meets two other people who are willing to stay with her. One of them, a phantom, shows loyalty by staying by her side, even though he feels helpless and another character plays the role of a temporary mentor, making quite a few points about her situation in the short time he spends with her. 

In the asylum, where people have proven to be cruel, we are told a few kind folks in that dark place that have shown care towards Lucy and given her hope. They display examples of helping someone even when you, yourself, need help. 

All in all, I thought this book was exceptional. It made me cry. It made me smile. It made me ponder. It left me torn between true and false. It was…awesome (to be honest, really, it was.) 

I love books that make me think and expect me to catch up on implications to understand the story. This seemed like one such book. The writing style was uniquely simple yet good and captivating. There were a few typographical errors, but nothing great enough to really distract from the story. 

The book left an interesting question to wonder over. 

If you saw Lucy, would you pass her by, or would you offer a caring hand to the girl who has no one?

It’s certainly something to ponder when I’ve spent a day in Lucy’s shoes, reading through the pages of her trials and misfortune. 

Though the theme (or themes) of the book could be interpreted in so many ways, I felt it cried out for people who had gone through what Lucy had; who had been in her situation. Who understood her pain. It gave a heart to the heartless, who wouldn’t want to comfort a person in that situation. 

Luke Alistar definitely pulls together this dark theme and shows us a world beyond our comfort zone, taking us into a mind we wouldn’t want to tread in. He delicately weaves together a storyline that could have easily slipped into a turn for the worst and makes it pass with flying colors.

In the end, I’d recommend this book to anybody searching for an intriguing read. I would warn younger readers away from it, or anybody with a sensitive stomach for things such as rape, profanity, or torture. It isn’t really for the faint of heart, and it’s a dark story to take in, but the moral lessons and food-for-thought are worth it.

-Bethany Faith

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What Lurks In The Forest; Chpt. 6

All righty, folks. Here is chapter six of the sequel to What Lies In The Dark, What Lurks In The Forest. It’s still only the second draft so there are some errors and I plan on revising it some before publishing, but this can just be a little teaser for now. 😉


“Do you know who I am?” whispered a voice.

Emuna could feel the speaker’s cold, wet breath on her neck, but she knew that if she were to turn around there would be nothing. There was nothing, it was all invisible. The tormentor, whoever he was, would not let her see him. She would never know the cause of her death.

“Do you know who I have killed?” the voice continued to taunt, this time in front of Emuna.

Tiredly, she forced herself to respond, “How would I know if I do not know what your face looks like? How am I to know you?” she took a few shallow breaths, “What is it that you want?”

A low chuckle and a strong, forceful punch to her ribs. Emuna let out a yelp as another bone snapped.

“What do I want? What do I want?” the voice said, the sound of footsteps on the floor echoed through the small, dark room as the interrogator continued to taunt and walk behind Emuna. “I want nothing you can give me…yet.”

What felt like a sharp fingernail ran down Emuna’s neck, she fought against it, but could not fight very much. Tied to the small chair in the room, fighting was useless and had proven as such.

The nail stopped halfway down Emuna’s neck. The voice made a slight hissing sound and a sharp pain shot through Emuna; she let out a scream as the nail pulled away.

Another chuckle of contented evil, “Scream as you wish. No one can hear you. Your friends have deserted you…or are dead.”

An unwarranted tear streamed down Emuna’s cheek as she attempted to catch her breath again. “They…would…not…leave me.” she gasped out. Her cheeks began to turn a bright red as she cried silently.

“Is that so? It does not appear that you believe that.” the voice continued its serenade of endless, heart-breaking taunts. “How may I prove to you that they have left? That you are hopeless. What does faith give you now but a longer death?”

Emuna let out a sob, “Please.” she said, “Just kill me and be done. I will not fight.”

“No.” the voice said flatly, “I have plans for you yet. You are no use to me dead. Though that does not mean you must be in any good condition.”

Again came the painful procedures of the many punches and kicks the invisible being would give Emuna.


Brian waited silently in the forest, listening for any sign of human life. The hut that had been the bane of his being for the past day stood in front of him. As he waited for David’s signal he felt his heartbeat rise and his breath quickly began to grow short.

The seconds passed by and Brian began to let his mind wander, his own battle already raging in his mind. War? Perhaps, but it is war for a reason not for revenge. It is war for Emuna. A reason worth war. But I do not wish to start a war, do I? No, I do not wish to start a war, nor will I. I shall simply go in, get her out quietly, and leave. We will decide what to do from-

Brian’s thoughts stopped when David came from behind him and crouched down next to him. “Are you ready, Master Brian?” David asked hesitantly, already knowing the boy’s answer.

Brian nodded, “Most certainly. Let us begin.”

David took in a deep breath and whispered a final prayer to Elah. Then he created a bright blue sword in his right hand and that was the signal.

Slowly at first, Brian began to creep out of the forest and towards the hut, attempting to stay in the most concealed corners possible. As he ran along he attempted to make his breathing shallow and quiet.

Soon, he reached the hut door. It was a wood door with two metal bars across the middle. The wood of the door seemed old and chipped and appeared to be decaying. Brian scrunched his nose up at the smell that resonated from it.

After doing a quick look around the area, Brian slowly slid the iron bars out of the door as quietly as possible. When the door was fully unlocked Brian took a deep breath, created a sword in his left hand and placed his right hand on the rusted, metal doorknob. He closed his eyes for a moment and heard his heart beating…once…twice…


“Weak child.” the voice taunted Emuna, floating around her weak form. “Where is your power now? When will the all-powerful deity save you? Did you not know that he would forsake you?”

Emuna’s breathing was small, almost impossible to hear or see. Every so often she would gasp as she felt the fingernail tracing the cut on her neck, but when the feeling stopped she would close her eyes and resume her semi-conscious state.

“Faith.” the voice scoffed, “Faith they call you. What faith do you have? Tell me you still have faith! Tell me-” the voice stopped its taunt and Emuna could hear and feel it breathing on her neck as it listened. “Footsteps.” the voice growled.

“One of your…guards.” Emuna breathed out, “Do you…fear…your own…men?”

“Shut up!” the voice screamed and, with a gush of wind, Emuna was unconscious.


Brian heard voices in the hut and quickly came to life. He swung the door open and rushed inside the dark hut. It took his eyes a moment to adjust to the pitch blackness that greeted him. To the right of him, Brian heard a screeching sound – like the scream of a strange creature, an inhuman, heartless animal – and a loud gust of wind came along with a whispered word.


Brian’s eyes adjusted just as he started to hear Lupis rushing down the street. His heart skipped a beat when he saw the bound and tortured Emuna in front of him and he began to rush to her, but was suddenly stopped by a Lupi that clamped on his ankle. With a single slice of his sword, the animal was dead, but Brian did not have time to rest before he was attacked by another animal.

Brian fought the army of beasts for a few minutes until it became apparent that he would not be able to save Emuna today. He let out an angered yell as he stabbed a final beast in the heart and created an orb in his hand.

Brian threw the orb at the hut wall and fled through the opening he created. He met up with David and Gavin in the woods and rushed back to the caves, but he left his heart with Emuna in the dark hut.


When the three men reached the cave they were tired from running, but were glad to seem to have lost the army of creatures awhile back.

Brian walked into the cave, breathing heavily; he sat down on a nearby rock with his elbows resting on his knees and sweat wetting his brow. After catching his breath, he looked up at David, Gavin, and Maeve.

“I was close.” he said, “She was right there. She was in front of me.”

“We will try again, Master Brian.” David reassured, though the disappointment was clear in his voice. “We will not give up. You have my word.”

Brian looked down at the ground, “So close.”


Hope you enjoyed!

Bethany Faith

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The History Of Chevl’Set

World Map

So, we all know the history of Narnia and Middle Earth, but I have my own history to share. This would be the history of my fantasy world; Chevl’Set. It’s a rather well-thought out history…seeings as it took me two days to write this, but it is also my favorite history. 😀 And so, without further a-due. Here is the history of Chevl’Set:

When time first began all things were right. The world Elah had molded with his hands, like that of skilled potter, contained beauty beyond description and the goodness in the inhabitants hearts was pleasing to him. It was a world of joy, peace, and faith. All was right and nothing was wrong. Life was eternal and death was yet to be made. All hearts longed for only good and all words were only kind. This was Chevl’Set in the beginning…the beginning before the end.

As it were; Elah chose a race (the Lumenians) to serve him all their lives. He chose to protect and love them and in return they would be faithful to him. This was a satisfying life for most Lumenians, for they were treated better than they felt they deserved, but one of them did not find this life to be worth contentment. Greed filled in this Lumenian’s heart and he tapped into a dark force that had not been awoken. Power surged through his body and he became ever the more greedy. He turned against Elah and fought him with his newfound powers. Elah’s hand was forced; he banned the traitor from the land in which the Lumenians had lived amongst him (Shamayim).

Outraged by his banishment, the traitor wandered Chevl’Set in search for the perfect revenge on Elah. He changed his name to Pavix and took on the form of lies and deceit. Through his wandering he happened upon a race, humans, and they were weak of spirit. So he spent his days whispering hateful thoughts into their ears and telling them stories of little truth. The humans easily fell into his trap and were caused to fall from their place as well. They forgot all of their world’s history other than a few legends worthy not of the true glory of the history. With their memory also went their common sense and they hid behind the mountains at the far south end of Chevl’Set. They created three villages; Realta (the village of the fighters), Yernen (the weak of heart), and Wesmorin (the village of deceivers).

So their fate was decided; they would live (cowering behind the mountainous terrain) without knowledge of their past and with little hope of their future. This is what brings us to today. When truth is viewed as lies and history itself has been forgotten and buried deep within the unexplored and feared lands. A place of many hidden secrets and even more hidden powers. Forces unimaginable are left to decay in the darkness of lies and truth, more important life itself, is tossed to the side as an archer would toss a used arrow. Despite all these things, we still do not reach the end of our world. For Elah is of a merciful and forgiving heart and he has seen the thoughts of a special three…a chosen three. They shall reveal the truth and shatter lies, wield the powers and defeat the evil, and open eyes of the lost and close the mouth of traitors. They are the keys to unlocking the mysteries of Chevl’Set. A last hope in a world with no truth.

Bethany Faith


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The Box

This is actually just a writing prompt that I thought came out really good for a fifteen minute play with words. So here it is. 😀


Emuna shook the box…she didn’t hear anything inside of it. “Hmm…” she looked at the box quizzically for a few seconds before hearing feet behind her. She swung around, fully expecting the man to come back for his box, but was thoroughly disappointed when it was just Gavin.

He noticed Emuna’s jumpiness immediately and he had to make a comment on it (after all, that is what makes Gavin…so utterly annoying), “Why are you so nervous today?”

“I am not!” Emuna snapped, “Where’s Brian?”

“Umm…I think he’s in his tent.” Emuna dashed towards Brian’s tent as he spoke, “Why?” he sat there with his hand pointing in the direction of the tent for a few seconds before shaking his head and brushing off her peculiar behavior. It was Brian’s problem now.


Brian was busy placing dishes on the table when Emuna dashed into the tent frightening him so much he managed to drop the glass dish he was holding, on the ground, “Oh! For the love of Ela-” he cut himself off and sighed as he began picking up the pieces of glass. He pricked himself with one and pulled his finger back quickly, “Ow.” he whispered under his breath.

Emuna didn’t seem to notice the chaos she had just caused and instead floated up to the table where she promptly started to rant, “Leave the dish, Brian.” she placed a box on the table as Brian stood up, a few pieces of broken glass still in his hands.

“Emuna, I have to clean this-”

“Yes, yes, I know.” she interrupted, “Look at this.” she gestured to the small cardboard box.

“A box?” he said slowly, staring at her precariously, “Mm-hmm…Emuna, I’m worried. Should we go talk to-”

“Don’t be worried!” she snapped, “Some strange man ran up to me while I was walking at the beach and handed me the box. He said in a deep scary voice, ‘Don’t open it.’ than ran away. Leaving me with the box. What do I do?!” she complained.

“Alright…” Brian starred at the box as he thought.

“Brian!” Emuna rushed.

“I’m thinking!”

“Well, think faster!”

“Fine! Fine! Fine! We should open it.”

“You think?”

“Well, we can’t very well keep it never knowing what’s inside…let me clean up this mess and we’ll sit down and open it. Just don’t…do anything.”

Emuna nodded and sat down a few feet away on a bed, holding the box. She watched as Brian busied himself cleaning up the broken dish.


Brian and Emuna sat across each other on the table, the box sat in the middle of them. “Who will open it?” Emuna whispered, her voice trembling with excitement and fear.

“I’ll do it…since he did instruct you not to open it…he didn’t say anything to me.”

Emuna nodded and starred wide-eyed as Brian slowly lifted the lid off the cardboard box. It took an agonizing long time for him to finish ever so carefully lifting up the lid. He finally got it off and placed it beside the box on the table. Than he grabbed the box and looked inside it. A frown crossed his face.


Bethany Faith


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