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What Hides In Their Heart – Poll Results!

Hello again!

So, it is the beginning of June and I have now returned with the results for the poll (which is now closed!) It turns out what I’m going to start my third book with is…

Introducing a new character!

Which is probably gonna be even more fun for me than you guys, since I love new characters. And, quite frankly, this new character is possibly one of my favorites.

Also, just because I would like to torture you guys until I get this book published… I shall tell you a little bit about this new character…and then you won’t hear from her on my blog again until the book is finished. 😉

Short summary of what I know so far:

Her name is Ancantha, which I believe means fire…or flames. Something in Hebrew; I seem to have lost the notes on her name. So I can’t tell you the exacts there. My apologies.

She is from the lands past Shamayim (if you’ve been paying attention to the series this far, you’ll know what that is. If not then just ignore that) and Gavin is going to be the first one of the three to meet her.

Oh, yes, and she’s a girl. In case you haven’t already noticed. 😛

And that is all. I now have writing to get to, seeing as I have given myself only two months to write, edit, revise, proofread, format, and publish a book. So I shall be busy, busy, busy with this series from now on…or else I’ll have to do a dreadful thing and…move my deadline back.

On that note, I might have a small sneak peek or two coming up for this book (and possibly my novel) just in case y’all are curious. And I’ll try to get some short stories up soon. I think I have notes on a mini-series I was daydreaming up the other day…somewhere. I’ll have to go digging.

Okay, now I’m really done. I think that’s all. 😀

-Bethany Faith


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What Hides In Their Hearts vs. Writer’s Block

Hello, yee reader of this post!

In case you haven’t heard, I have two books published (look for information on the first book I published “What Lies In The Dark” on the “published works” page, if this is news to you) which just so happen to be part of a four to five five book series that I am writing titled, Trials of Three.

Consequently, I am writing the series as I publish it. This means that the time between when books come out depends on how long it takes me to plot, write, revise, redo, rewrite, and polish the book. Last year, my two books were released within relatively close range of eachother at about only a five month time span in-between the two releases. That is a very short time span to write books, given the amount of things that have to be done to self-publish a short novella.

In that respect, I intend for the third book to be released sometime late July or early August this year. I realize that’s a larger amount of time in-between books than before, and before you go a’wondering if the longer wait can be blamed on lack of interest in the series, I shall explain it to you.

First of all, I haven’t lost interest in my series. So that small handful of people that are eagerly awaiting the next book (you know who you are) be concerned not. I have a plan. This is what happened:

I wanted to start work on the third book (which you now know has been dubbed “What Hides In Their Hearts”) immediately after I published the second, but I found myself in a bit of a writer’s rut. So I took a stepped back away from it for a bit to reassess my plot, characters, world, etc. and instead started work on the second draft of my novel.

However, my “short” hiatus has gone on for quite awhile (four months, really) and I need to get working on writing it or else my poor beta readers are going to be sorely rushed to do line edits. On that note, I could start writing today only that I’m still stuck on just one aspect of the book.

Where to start.

This book is planned to have a lot of material and, unlike my novel which has proven to always have a good starting point, I could present any number of things in the first chapter. All of them give the reader equally important information, which can all be given at any time in the book.

Now, what does this have to do with you, you ask?

Well, I need your help to get me out of this little pickle of a writer’s block, or else I might never start writing it, and that would just be a shame. Gavin, Brian, and Emuna still have a long way to go before their journey is over. Thus I have concocted an age-old way to solve disagreements.

* insert drumroll here *

A majority vote! Also known as a poll. Which you’ll find pleasantly located at the bottom of this post…somewhere. Once I get to putting it up. You can’t miss it… I hope. I dunno. I have to tinker with WordPress some.

Anyways, on this vote, there are basically four options to what you want to be contained in the first chapter of the book. You could either; find out what happened to Terminus, bring in a new main character, learn more about one of the main character’s past, or be shown more of the powers that Emuna and Brian have.

Of course, I realize those options are extremely vague. So if you want a bit more back story (assuming you know at least a little bit about the books here) here are a few short explanations of the poll options:

Find out what happened to Terminus: This one is kind of pretty self explanatory. Terminus was swallowed by a powerful form of Luze earlier on in book two, and I never explained entirely what occurred to him. This scenario would give you a glimpse into what, exactly, happened. Do note though that this option is not promising that I’m bringing Terminus back, merely that I am clarifying the technicalities behind his disappearance.

Bring in a new main character: Pretty simple, I guess. I intend to present a new main character early on in the book to add to character conflict and story morals. Also…said character is just awesome.

Learn more about one of the main character’s past: If you haven’t guessed, this book is slightly a bit more focused on the psychological aspects of my main characters. Due to that, I will be presenting a lot of new information about their past and some of the situations they have all gone through to make them who they are. Choosing this options means that I will have one of the characters ‘open up’ within the first chapter of the book. Note that if you choose this option I am going to put up another poll, asking which character you would like to hear about most. Depending on your choice, I may or may not use that as the character that talks about their past in the first chapter.

Be shown more of the powers that Emuna and Brian have: So, you’ve all seen a little bit of what luze can do, but I’ve been keeping it pretty vague as to exactly what extent of strength these two characters have in their whimsical powers. In this book, I will touch a little bit more on that (and a little more in the next book, too). Choosing this option will ensue that you will get to learn some more about luze within the first chapter.

Just in case you’re wondering, this poll will be opened until the end-ish of May/whenever I feel like I’ve gotten enough votes and choose to close it. There’s really no officially set date, but the sooner I’ve gotten a lot of votes the better. 😀

Well, I guess that’s pretty much it. So, help me out a bit, and vote on the poll, please? We can’t let writer’s block win this battle!

-Bethany Faith

P.S. Just for the record, this post ended up being way longer than I intended. Sorry about the lack of short, easy, readability there, folks.


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New Year’s Announcement!

What Lurks In The Forest is published!

Yep, I have officially published the sequel to my last work “What Lurks In The Forest” and you can find it on Amazon, here.

It took about three or so months to finish this book, but it was extremely fun to write it, especially since it was a sequel. Writing the second book in a series, is a lot different than writing the first, because you feel like you already know your characters so you write the dialogue with a lot more confidence than you did before. 

I will have a page up for the book as soon as possible, where I will post a bit more information about it, and a short summary of the storyline…but not any spoilers. 😉 

For now though, please feel free to read up about it on the Amazon page, where there is a short summary of it, and you can see the amazing book cover made by RSSharkey. She also did the interior design of the book, which you should be able to see a sample of, as soon as the “Look Inside” feature has been put up. 

Happy New Year!

-Bethany Faith

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Where To Begin — Introduction

So, since I’m going to start posting once a week, I decided I’d begin my new idea of posting things that aren’t stories with a series on writing – shocking, I know. 😉 

I realized that sometimes people who are just starting writing aren’t entirely sure where to begin, because it can seem daunting. There’s all these voices telling you to outline, plot, develop, learn grammar, read books,  revise, rewrite, re-edit, reheat breakfast on high for 1-2 minutes…(Okay, so that last one isn’t relevant to writing really…) 

So all these things being thrown at once often times will confuse you. Which means you’ll either just start ignoring everything (even the good advice) and just start writing, but reach some brick walls you can’t get through because you’re writing blind, or you’ll give up then and there, because there’s just too much to do. 

The cool thing about writing though, id that it really isn’t that hard, but it isn’t easy either. Writing is (more or less) sort of like math. Not as in it has numbers and such (it’s nothing like math in that sense) but its one of those things that you might have trouble figuring out and then when you figure it out, you go “Ohhhhh” and feel sort of silly it took you so long to figure out. Has that ever happened to you in Math? Well, writing is sort of like that. Only that it doesn’t take that long to figure out if you know the basics. 

So that’s what I intend to give you. The basics. 

Writing is something that has lots of different parts and lots of different things to learn, but fictional writing is all built up on three, basic subjects.

Writing style.
Character Development.

And then there are sub-categories to each of those, which we will get to later. But that’s all you have to understand to start writing, isn’t that awesome? Once you grasp these three basic concepts you can start writing and as you advance further in your writing you’ll advance further into these three categories. Eventually, you’ll find writing super fun, super easy, and super understandable. 

So then I’m going to start posting a three part series that I’m going to call “Where To Begin” 

Now, there are plenty of books you can get on how to write (and I would suggest, if you find writing still hard to figure out that you look into reading a few of those), but this will sort of just be a crash-course in how to write fiction. Some of what I mention will be personal preference and some of it will be things that all writers do. I’ll tell you which is which as we go along. 

I’ll post the first part, “Your Writing Style” next Saturday and I’ll build up from there. 

I look forward to writing this and I hope you gain something from it. Thanks for reading!

-Bethany Faith


New Themes & Other Such Surprises


So, if you haven’t noticed, my blog is undergoing a sort of  dusting. I’m cleaning it up a bit and trying to connect it to a bunch of websites.

The main reason for this being that I just recently created a Twitter and a Tumblr account:

My Twitter
My Tumblr

And I needed to connect them to my blog so that y’all could keep updated about what I’m posting, without having to go to multiple websites.

Also, my blog needed a bit of cleaning. 😉 So I decided to spruce it up some and update a few outdated posts. 

Therefore, be not alarmed by all the new things that are popping out at you. It’s just me, tinkering with stuff. 😀

-Bethany Faith

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New Pages!

Hello, everybody!
You may have noticed a few new pages up; the “Contact Me” and “Works Published” page as well as a sub page on “Works Published” that is labeled “What Lies In The Dark”.

To explain; I created “Works Published” because I have officially published What Lies In The Dark and it is now available on Amazon in soft cover – view “Works Published” for more information. Therefore, I created the new page for the other books I intend to publish in the future.

The “Contact Me” page was made if you wish to email me or anything of the sort. In other words, it’s just a quick way to… me. 😉

Anyways, that is what I would like to announce. If you have any questions you can just comment. Thanks for reading!

Bethany Faith

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Bethy The Bee

I do officially now Buzz and I feel terribly much like a bumble bee.

To clarify; I discovered this new magical thing called Gmail…. Cool, right? All right, so, I’m not very plugged into social-networking, but, hey, I’ve survived this long without it. 😉 Now, though, I officially have a profile on Google, mainly for promotional reasons, but, worry not, you will get some very interesting main character banter too. Perhaps I will even posts a quote from a few of my books…or my spy story. It’s really just a random place where I can post tidbits about my writings and updates. Hopefully, I’ll get used to updating it often…at least more often than I update my blog.

Anyways, here is my profile. Enjoy reading!

Bethany Faith

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