New Year’s Announcement!

01 Jan

What Lurks In The Forest is published!

Yep, I have officially published the sequel to my last work “What Lurks In The Forest” and you can find it on Amazon, here.

It took about three or so months to finish this book, but it was extremely fun to write it, especially since it was a sequel. Writing the second book in a series, is a lot different than writing the first, because you feel like you already know your characters so you write the dialogue with a lot more confidence than you did before. 

I will have a page up for the book as soon as possible, where I will post a bit more information about it, and a short summary of the storyline…but not any spoilers. 😉 

For now though, please feel free to read up about it on the Amazon page, where there is a short summary of it, and you can see the amazing book cover made by RSSharkey. She also did the interior design of the book, which you should be able to see a sample of, as soon as the “Look Inside” feature has been put up. 

Happy New Year!

-Bethany Faith

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One response to “New Year’s Announcement!

  1. Daniel Miller

    January 10, 2012 at 12:36 am


    So, interesting story: a friend of mine (a photographer) messaged me saying one of the pictures of me was on the cover of a book! And a book by a Christian, homeschooled, fourteen-year-old fantasy writer on top of that. I’m highly amused that I’m on the cover of a book, and I’m also interested in what you’re doing.

    Here’s why: I’m also a Christian, homeschooled (or was homeschooled), fantasy writer, though I’m a bit older than you (a good 7-8 years). I started writing when I was very young, and fantasy has always captured my imagination. I also know a few other people with the same background, my girlfriend included (though she wasn’t homeschooled).

    My plan is to buy your book (maybe both of them) for those two reasons: I want to support what you’re doing, and it’d just be hilarious and awesome to have a book with me on the front, haha. I’m also going to start posting on Facebook and see if I can direct a few people your way.

    I’m also here because I critique, and I’m interested in dialoging about fantasy and/or writing. If you want, I’m free to email back and forth about anything of that nature. If you want me to take a look at your work and make suggestions, I can do that too. Furthermore, if you want to take a look at my work and make suggestions… be my guest. I’m always up for a review.

    If you want, you can check out my Facebook (I assume it’ll link my name to that?). If not, no big deal.

    God bless, and happy writing!



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