Demon Slayer

19 Dec

This is the introduction to chapter one of a series I intend to write sometime in the future. So far, the title is still a work in progress (it’s really basic right now, so I’m thinking of changing it to something a bit more mysterious later on) 

Anyways, here is the intro I wrote for the book earlier today. To clarify, it’s written in a journal entry sort of format (which is relevant to the storyline, yes) and I figured I might as well share it with you guys. This is a long overdue post anyways. 😉 


January 1st – 2:34am – Another Nightmare

Wiping the sweat from my brow, I grip the sword tighter. My knuckles are turning white, I can feel their loss of color, but I ignore it. I hold on more firmly.

The items I carry weigh down on me. Two items in my hands and one bag on my back. They pull me down with each moment I stand, but I ignore them. I stay strong.

can hear their screams. The putrid smell of their breath covers my nose and fills my mind. They distract me from the mission at hand. They prevent me from completing my tasks.

Their sirens surround me. I swing my arm at one of them, but it only falls limply to my side. 

My legs grow weak as the enemy grows stronger. I open my mouth and let out the strangled yell as my determination to fight slowly caves.

Slowly, I hear a whisper reach beyond their screams and stretch its life towards me.
I call out to it in a weak voice, “Who am I?” I plead as I feel myself begin to fall into a dark hole of my enemy’s torments.

The whisper answers me with the sweetness of its serenity, “You are a demon slayer.” 

Then I awake. My nightmare melts away from my sweat-soaked skin, and I stare into the darkness of the night. The clock blinks twelve, mentioning another power outage. Everything is silent as I sit up on my bed, though I am still tangled in my sheets. My deep breathing is the only noise I can hear.

This was the first dream I have had in five years, and I am uncertain if more will come. 


-Bethany Faith 

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One response to “Demon Slayer

  1. Elixer13

    December 21, 2011 at 8:50 pm

    Wow Bethy! Way cool but you have such ‘in the present’ zone going on that it’s hard to keep up. This is my advice if anyone would differ but this is a great storyline and I hope to see more. 😉
    -Caela M.


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