Broken By The Whispers

16 Oct

And we all say “Yay for solemn writings that make us cry then smile!”… 😉

Broken By The Whispers

Darkness. The world is so terribly dark. We live in blindness. We breath in fog so thick we cannot move. And here we stay, feigning contentment in our souls, for it is all we have ever known. It is all we will ever know, or so it seems.

Pain. The world screams with pain. We live with searing skin and broken bones. We walk in aches so great that we have forgotten the feeling of painlessness. And yet we remain telling ourselves that it is good. It is, after all, what we know best. It is all that there is, or so we may think.

Quiet. There is a silence among the screams. A silence that yells of the emptiness in all of us. A silence so great that we are deaf with the noise it makes. We listen to the quiet that drowns out the darkness, screams, and pain, combining all of them to torment the most broken part of us.

A silence that speaks of the lonely confusion in our souls. We cannot even convince ourselves to be content in this quiet. We cry out, begging for someone to hear us and break the silence.

It is all there is and ever will be, we think. Never shall we be released from this earth. Lost forever.

Little do we know that there is light in the dark. Healing in the pain. Whispers in the silence.

Bethany Faith


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