01 Oct

All right…so I did forget to do the 100 Theme Challenge yesterday; I’ll make up for it on Monday, but that’s not to say that I didn’t write yesterday. I was messing around with some freestyle poetry and I came up with this:


I am unworthy, unrighteous, and unclean.
I am worthless, evil, and dark.
I am a vampire with a cobwebbed soul, and a nightmare-filled mind.
I am a demon; I serve the dark. I am a slave to my Master’s enemy.
I am hopeless, lost, ignorant. 
I am not worth forgiving. There is not point in loving me. I am not deserving of anything but to be burned for eternity.
I am an idiot, a moron, a criminal.
I am of the world, of the devil, and I believe in lies.
I am cruel and I deserve to be trampled and burned by my God.
But He is perfect.
He is righteous, just, and holy.
He is immutable, unattainable, infinite. 
He is light, brightness that blinds, strength that cannot be imagined.
He is loving, gentle, and forgiving.
He is breath, life, and the only way to be saved.
And He has chosen me, the most unworthy of all His servants, to be His child.
He has accepted me.
He has forgiven my mistakes.
He has punished me with the soothing hand of a Father.
He has shown me my faults, but then He has taken up residence in my heart.
He resides in me and He presses me forward, saying “I love you, despite your imperfections.”
He holds me, even now, He cradles me in His arms.
I am unworthy and yet I have been given love that is beyond the worth of all things.
I am unrighteous, but I am loved by the righteous.
I am blood-thirsty, but I have been forgiven for my vampiress acts.
I am of the devil, but I have been set free.
I was broken, lost, and evil, but now I am whole, found, and good.
He is my Father and it is He that holds me tonight and whispers the kindest of words into my unworthy soul.
“I love you for you are mine.”

Bethany Faith


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