100 Theme Challenge: Day 9

26 Sep

Theme: Running Away

The Monster

A monster. It stared up at me through large, brown eyes. Fur covered its face and two canine teeth stuck out of its mouth. The pure white teeth stained with bright, red liquid. Tears welled in its eyes and made them glossy. It stared at me for a moment before the first droplet slipped from its eyes, ran down a strand of fur and fell down. The tear dropped into the water, rippling my own reflection.

I was the monster.

Shocked at my realization, I scrambled from the place where I kneeled at the pond’s edge. Quickly standing on two legs, though my appearance would suggest I should be walking on four.

I looked around for a moment at the serene forest. Everything was calm and peaceful as if it were all meant to be there. But me.

Then I turned into the thickest part of the forest where the darkest beasts stayed and I ran.


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