100 Theme Challenge: Day 6 and 7

22 Sep

Theme: Opportunities

The Last Chance

It was last his last opportunity. He had one minute to choose whether or not to take it. He could go back to his old life; his old ways. Forget everything he had grown to love, everyone he had grown to care about, all he had grown used to it. His final opportunity to choose between past or present in order to control his future. The last chance…and he wasn’t sure if he would choose it.

Theme: 33%

33% Left

I opened my phone hopefully, looking at the battery which held the small numbers, 33% on it’s picture. I sighed, that much battery wasn’t going to be of very much use for what I needed to use the phone for. Half-heartedly, I proceeded to tear the phone apart, taking out the battery and a few other mechanical pieces along with the microphone and antenna.

I combined the various items from my phone with an old radio I also had handy and created a make-shift listening device. With only 33% battery left.


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