100 Theme Challenge: Day 4

19 Sep

Theme: gateway

The Forbidden Gate

The gate stood tall above me. I looked up at it, and thought about how it seemed to reach above the clouds.

Letters were scrapped into the gold doors, beautiful letters that nobody could ever resist looking at. But nobody could ever figure out what they meant.

It was said that we are not to touch the letters. They don’t know what would happen, they aren’t positive what hides behind the gate. The rulers of our kingdom don’t really know anything.

But what about me? I pondered silently as I stood next to the gateway in the forest.

It had been long forbidden. People feared it, they feared what might be behind the gold, what might the inside contain. Would it be their worse fears? Their darkest nights? The end of all things?

I wondered what might be past the gold. I felt almost compelled to find out. To touch the letters and to learn their meanings. Why am I so different from everyone else? Why must I be so odd? Cannot I not just be like them and prevent punishment? Why must they be so angry at me? If I touched these forbidden symbols on this abandoned gate, would I be allowed pass into another world? A better, more kind place of solitude and refuge?
I wondered. I dreamed of passing the gateway.


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