100 Theme Challenge: Day 3

16 Sep

Theme: Eternity
Life For Eternity

Some debate that there is no point,
In doing good in life.
Some may say it’s a waste of time,
To fight for what is right.
Because when we breath our last,
It’s the ending of the past.
No future shall come after that.

But what if I am right,
And others before me?
What if for what I fight,
Is a reason greatly worthy?
Because when we breath our last,
It becomes merely a pass,
Into a greater universe.

So what if there is life,
Beyond this empty hole?
What if this world we live in,
Doesn’t have to be all that we know?
Then when you breath last,
Just let me simply ask,
Would you like to have that pass?

“And if there isn’t a great place,
To go when we are done?
Then what’s the point of fighting now,
When we can just have fun?”
Would you take that chance,
Because you cannot see,
Proof of what we can?
Life for eternity.


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One response to “100 Theme Challenge: Day 3

  1. Rosie Medina (Forenza)

    September 16, 2011 at 5:58 pm

    Nice poem, I like it!!!


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