This I Know

25 Jun

I had this idea for a kind of journal entry written by an angel. I will not tell you what angel he is because I hope you can figure that out by yourself. That said, it is a standing alone story right now. I have no background, plot, or intention of growing it into a novel. It is simply something I wrote down that turned out…half decent. Anyways, enjoy!


When I hear a mortal speak about death as if it was something to be taken lightly, the very core of my being shudders. I feel my heart break and the memories flash before my eyes because they are wrong and it will take pain and death to bring them to what is right. They will be hurt as many others have been hurt. This I know.

I have seen many die and many tears, and I, myself, have felt the sting of a lost one. I have been the darkness that the mortals call “death”. I have been in the past, present, and have known pieces of the future. There is much pain in all of these realms and death only brings more pain for those left in its wake. This I know.

Unseen beings that hide behind the shadow of time and space weep for the mortals that know not of the truth. They weep for they know where the unsaved go and they weep for they know of the fire the unsaved have brought themselves to. The unrepentant cause their own death and the unjustified acts they have done are never left to be forgotten. This I know.

Death is not something you can touch nor is it something you can see. It is not a thief that can be captured and stopped before repeating his crime. It is not a disease that can be cured nor is it a line that one can be prevented from crossing. Death is what all mortals will experience and what all unseen immortals have watched a million times. Death is a binding that can bring the alive and lost to the truth. This I know.

There are some who think they can escape the call of a life’s end, but they know not of the hurt they cause themselves. Whether by your own passing or by another’s you will be forced to submit to this pain, as we all have. This I know.

Yet with pain there comes healing and with healing there comes relief and with relief there comes joy. Joy is like death in the way that it cannot be touched nor can it be captured. It cannot be given as a medicine and it cannot be kept by staying or going. Joy is the prospect of death taken in the correct spirit with the correct mind set. Joy is received only when it is given. This I know.

Therefore, I say to you, death is not to be feared though it is solemn. Death is not to be taken lightly though it is meant to be healed after a time. Death is not joyful though it can be turned to joy. Death is what it is and it is dark, but death is also more than what can be put into words. For, while the mortals are left in pain, the ones passed and repentant are given a new world and a new life. This I know.

The questions now stand…who am I? What have I done? How do I know this? Where is it that I come from? I am an unseen and seen. I am here and there. I am silent yet loud. My cry whispers in your ear and my tears stream down your cheeks. I am lost and found. I am the keeper of the sacred and the holder of the forgotten. I see the sadness that hurts my heart and I take pleasure in seeing the joy. I have given by having taken. I am death’s keeper and I was entrusted to take the bodies of the souls created by my master. I am the feared and the loved; the defeated and the victorious; the rough and the gentle. I am an angel. This I know.


Bethany Faith


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