The History Of Chevl’Set

30 Mar

World Map

So, we all know the history of Narnia and Middle Earth, but I have my own history to share. This would be the history of my fantasy world; Chevl’Set. It’s a rather well-thought out history…seeings as it took me two days to write this, but it is also my favorite history. đŸ˜€ And so, without further a-due. Here is the history of Chevl’Set:

When time first began all things were right. The world Elah had molded with his hands, like that of skilled potter, contained beauty beyond description and the goodness in the inhabitants hearts was pleasing to him. It was a world of joy, peace, and faith. All was right and nothing was wrong. Life was eternal and death was yet to be made. All hearts longed for only good and all words were only kind. This was Chevl’Set in the beginning…the beginning before the end.

As it were; Elah chose a race (the Lumenians) to serve him all their lives. He chose to protect and love them and in return they would be faithful to him. This was a satisfying life for most Lumenians, for they were treated better than they felt they deserved, but one of them did not find this life to be worth contentment. Greed filled in this Lumenian’s heart and he tapped into a dark force that had not been awoken. Power surged through his body and he became ever the more greedy. He turned against Elah and fought him with his newfound powers. Elah’s hand was forced; he banned the traitor from the land in which the Lumenians had lived amongst him (Shamayim).

Outraged by his banishment, the traitor wandered Chevl’Set in search for the perfect revenge on Elah. He changed his name to Pavix and took on the form of lies and deceit. Through his wandering he happened upon a race, humans, and they were weak of spirit. So he spent his days whispering hateful thoughts into their ears and telling them stories of little truth. The humans easily fell into his trap and were caused to fall from their place as well. They forgot all of their world’s history other than a few legends worthy not of the true glory of the history. With their memory also went their common sense and they hid behind the mountains at the far south end of Chevl’Set. They created three villages; Realta (the village of the fighters), Yernen (the weak of heart), and Wesmorin (the village of deceivers).

So their fate was decided; they would live (cowering behind the mountainous terrain) without knowledge of their past and with little hope of their future. This is what brings us to today. When truth is viewed as lies and history itself has been forgotten and buried deep within the unexplored and feared lands. A place of many hidden secrets and even more hidden powers. Forces unimaginable are left to decay in the darkness of lies and truth, more important life itself, is tossed to the side as an archer would toss a used arrow. Despite all these things, we still do not reach the end of our world. For Elah is of a merciful and forgiving heart and he has seen the thoughts of a special three…a chosen three. They shall reveal the truth and shatter lies, wield the powers and defeat the evil, and open eyes of the lost and close the mouth of traitors. They are the keys to unlocking the mysteries of Chevl’Set. A last hope in a world with no truth.

Bethany Faith


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4 responses to “The History Of Chevl’Set

  1. KathrineROID

    March 30, 2011 at 2:14 pm

    Interesting echoing of the Bible. It is always difficult to create a universe with a parallel past without having problems.

    Curious, how did you make that map?

    • Bethany Faith

      March 30, 2011 at 3:16 pm

      Thanks, Kat.

      I took a bad basic sketch of Australia, edited it in a photoshop app I got, downloaded it into a drawing app I have, drew my world on it, added text for the town’s names, and than I edited it one more time in photoshop. It took a few hours…haha.

  2. Elly

    April 10, 2011 at 8:25 pm

    Nice blog!

  3. Elly

    May 11, 2011 at 5:07 pm

    To double-comment (;) ), I have to say that it does slightly resemble Australia, but it looks really neat!


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