Light Butterflies; Part 3

23 Mar

Here would be chapter three, or part three as I am labeling them since they are no where near the length an average chapter should be. Enjoy!


*dream sequence*

Lucia walked calmly down the alley. She had been down this dark street multiple times before. It was her route to get to and from her small house -it was more like a shed with a leaking roof- on the other side of town.

This day was no different. She had woken up bright and early to the dark rainy clouds that were slowly over shrouding her small village. After promptly getting dressed she headed off to her one room school. She didn’t like going to school, but as it was her mother’s wish, so she still went. It didn’t matter she was sixteen years old and of marrying age.

This is what she thought about today as she walked -nearly seeming to float- down the dark alley way. She shielded her eyes from the clouded sun as she looked up at the sky.

“Looks like rain.” she said, dropping her hand back to her side. As if in response the sky gave a loud roar and droplets of rain began to pelt Lucia’s brown cloak, soaking her red hair.

Lucia shivered from the cold rain and pulled the cloak tighter around her, slightly picking up her pace. Her foot caught on something and she paused, despite the bad weather. She bent down to study the object that had stopped her.

A small leather book with symbols etched on the front. The gold symbols seemed to glow in the rain, almost appearing to be a source of sunlight. She reached down to touch the shining black leather. When her finger brushed against the cover she felt a small tingle of security, maybe even peace. She hadn’t felt safe since July of 1553. The day Mary Tudor became Queen. The mere thought of the women sent shivers up Lucia’s spine. She brushed the thought from her mind for now and returned her attention back to the leather book were the tips of her fingers now rested.

Her fingers edged towards the gold letters. Tracing their fine craftsmanship with her fingernails, Lucia marked the symbols in her mind.

“Holy Bible.”

The symbols seemed to jump out at Lucia. Something inside her told her to protect the book, to keep it safe and it would serve her well. In light of this strong feeling she gingerly picked up the medium sized book. The item fit perfectly into her thin hands. She looked at it for a few more seconds, watching as the raindrops hit the leather than slid off to the ground. After tracing the symbols one more time with her hands she hid it in her cloak and sprinted back home. Unsure of what she had just discovered.


Lucia slowly opened her eyes. Blinking them a few times to clear away the foggy image they saw. She took in her her surroundings.

She was in a small room, with one window and door. Through the thin white sheets that covered the window she could see the figure of a soldier. Jeremiah sat a few feet to the right of her, rummaging through an old looking wood box. Ever so often he would mumble an incoherent word as he buried his hands into the box’s contents.

There was a loud silence-shattering knock at the door. Lucia jumped and turned her head so quickly her hair swung in the air and hit her face. The sharp pain in her right arm as she shifted position caused her to close her eyes and she bit her lip to keep from yelling.

Jeremiah turned to the door. He took his hands out of the box and stood up, retrieving his sword from the ground as he did so.

“Come out in the name of Queen Mary Tudor of England!” a commanding voice from the other side of the door echoed, “You have five minutes to decide your fate!”

Lucia turned as Jeremiah sat down beside her. She looked down at his hands, one of them held the leather book she had discovered.

“We should open it.” he whispered to her, low enough so no one on the other side of the door could hear him.

“We were told it has great power…what if something bad happens?” she whispered.

“The legend is vague, it says it has great power, but it doesn’t say what kind. For all we know it will set everything in time and space correct. It’s either; open the Bible or be captured.”

Lucia nodded, “Than we should open it…and face the consequences.”

Jeremiah dipped his head in agreement and settled down next to Lucia. He slowly slipped his hands across the cover the book to the edge of it. His fingertips brushed against the gold lined pages.

The knocking at the door came again. They were running out of time.

He grasped the cover with his shaking hands. Lucia held her breath in anticipation and fear. Slowly, he began to lift up the carefully crafted leather. The white of the page began to show.

The knocking grew louder.

It seemed like an eternity, but soon Jeremiah opened the book entirely. The two of them starred at the contents.

They hardly realized when the knocking ceased. “You had your chance!”


Bethany Faith


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