Light Butterflies; Part 2

16 Mar

Well…I finally got around to this…took me all day, but I did it. 😀 Actually, this is quite short for something that took me all day to write, but oh well. Not like all writers don’t have the occasional story they find impossible to write. Anyways, here it is! And since you’re probably wondering. It was inspired by this photo. Perhaps, I’ll make this a tradition for every chapter…perhaps not. Either way, here you go:


“What now?”

Jeremiah scanned around the forest, never keeping his eyes in one spot for longer than a few seconds, as the two of them rode. He kept his right hand buried beneath his cloak and firmly grasping his sword hilt. His left hand held his reigns tightly. “What do you mean?” he whispered back.

“I mean…” Lucia lowered her head, her cloak still covering her long hair and teary green eyes. “Now that we have the book…what do we do? Where do we go?”

Jeremiah sighed, “How many times must I tell you? The forest in no place to speak of such things. Especially in the darkness of night.”

“It’s not that I’m trying to I just want to-” Lucia stopped talking upon hearing the sound of a twig snapping under some one’s foot. The two of them stopped their horses simultaneously as they strained to hear past the deafening silence of the forest. “Who?” Lucia whispered, her voice barely audible.

“I don’t know…”

A loud screech made Lucia and Jeremiah’s eardrums burn. They ducked and covered their ears. The large wings of a hawk swooped down and brushed against their backs before flying into a dark part of the forest. Jeremiah drew his sword. The metal echoed through the now silent forest.


“Shush!” Jeremiah cut Lucia’s words off, knowing the danger had not passed.

They sat in this silence for some times. Jeremiah’s sword never moving from the defensive position he held it in. The screech of the hawk broke the silence like a vase shattering to the ground. Lucia jumped and defensively ducked (causing the hood to fall off her head)…but Jeremiah stood sitting straight. He knew what was going on. This wasn’t good.

A grunt came from a bush a few feet away from Lucia. Faster than Jeremiah could think soldiers dressed in black cloaks and armed with sharp large swords started charging out of the dark forest. They began to closing in on the two riders.

Lucia sat on her horse shaking as the soldiers came towards her. She wasn’t made for this. She wasn’t a fighter. What was she doing here?

“Go!” Jeremiah’s voice snapped her out of her paralyzingly fear. She turned her neck to look at him, her hair swinging in the air from the sudden turn. A tear trickled down her cheek. “You have to run! Now! Please, Lucia! Go!”

She understood what he was saying, but she couldn’t move. Her hands shook and her legs felt stiff. She sat there on the horse, simply staring at him. Until something hit her in the arm. Hard. She felt the tickle of liquid running down her leg and the sudden want to faint. Faint and never wake up.

The last thing she heard before closing her eyes was a loud curse from Jeremiah and the singing of metal as his sword collided with another’s.

Jeremiah watched Lucia slump on her horse and lay over it’s neck just as a soldier reached him. He screamed something in another language and hit his sword against the soldier. They fought for a few seconds before Jeremiah got the upper hand was able to stab him. It wasn’t long until another soldier came towards him, he fought this one off with more ease than the last one. He turned and saw Lucia still slumped over her horse. A soldier heading her way. He would take the book. Jeremiah needed to do something.

He swung his left leg across his saddle and pushed himself off his horse, landing softly behind Lucia. He took in a breath than kicked the horse, yelling a command. The horse hurriedly started up a fast gallop. It quickly mowed through the soldiers, making them seem as if they where standing still. Once at full gallop the jet black horse spread out light gray wings. After Jeremiah gave another command the horse took to the skies, leaving the forest behind, and the army baffled.


I know…I didn’t present to you any new information, did I? Yes, well…that shall be found out later… For now, you’ll have to be satisfied that Lucia rides a Pegasus. 😀

Bethany Faith


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