One Moment

12 Mar

Before you read I have one thing to say….dark forests are my second favorite place to set a scene. 😀 Caves being a really close first. Anyways, carry on.


Amora sat under a tree curled up in a tight ball. Tears trickled down he rosy red cheeks and her breaths came in deep, solemn, sobs. Her whole world seemed to be caving in. Everything she knew was a lie. All that she trusted had proven itself useless and the rock she had built herself on had proven to be sand.
So she cane here, to the forest that had always been her refuge, and wept. Sue cried for a such a long time she wondered if she would ever stop.

The events that brought her here crashing into her mind, breaking her like a rock thrown at a glass window. And the rocks wouldn’t stop raining down. They collided hard and harder against her heart, shattering it to the point of no repair.

“Amora, my child, why do you weep?” came the gentle voice she had been told to hate.

The voice’s words had always soothed her. They where a light in an endless cave. A warm blanket on a cold winter night. A soft touch to the weeping shoulder. They settled in her ears like a hummingbird would settle on a branch.

She had been told this was the voice of a deceiver. A thief. The voice was not to be listened to. She was told to run from the words. The words she yearned for and dreamed of at night. The words she cried for in moments of pain. What she had been told was a lie.

“I weep because….I am lost with no one to lead me. I have no one to trust.” she managed to cry out. “I weep because if I was just better…at…at everything. If I was just….if I just wasn’t me! I would’ve been spared this pain…I beg you…I wish not to be me….this is why I weep.”
Her words fell to the ground like hail. They echoed off the silent forest and taunted her with the chant, “Weep, weep, weep.”

She sat in silence for a moment waiting for hear the voice…but she never did.

When she didn’t she buried her head into her knees and let out a long, teary, scream.
She cursed the voice for no responding, she cursed herself for thinking she could trust the voice to respond. Most of all she cursed the entire planet and every living being in it for not being her. For not knowing what she was going though or the emotional turmoil that managed to cover her in a world of darkness and pain. Loads and loads of pain. Day and night. Hour and year. She could escape many things, but not this world that haunted her.

“Look up.” the voice spoke. A slight breeze almost creating the illusion that the speaker was whispering in her ear.

She looked up. A black forest. Gleams of moonlight staining the air as they streamed through the tree canopy to touch the ground.

“Do you see the sunshine?”

“Right.” she scoffed. “Because the whole world is filled with sunshine.”

“The forest is…”

Suddenly, the strands of moonlight began to merge together. After a few minutes of pulsing as one the formed a still picture, several, actually.

There was one of her as a young girl singing to a bird to calm it as she healed it’s wing. Another of her when she was older shooting her first arrow, it landed in the middle of the target. One more, no longer than year ago (when she was sixteen), she sat next to her adopted sister as she lay dying from illness. This picture moved. Amora heard the words her sister had spoken clear as day once again.

“You are a great healer, fighter, and musician. Promise me you will never forget that.”

As silent tears streamed down Amora’s face the picture faded and the moon beams went back to their previous positions,

“Would you trade being you, being all these things, because of one moment of despair?”

As gently and kindly as the words were spoken they still pierced Amora’s heart like a dagger.
She was too distressed to speak. All she managed was a shake of her head. But that was enough. A sudden warmth wrapped around her pale body and she felt as if a gentle kissed had been lay on her forehead. She took in a deep breath and the very air seemed to soothe her soul.

She sat looking at the beams of light and letting the warmth cover her for a few minutes before the voice spoke again,

“Promise me you will come to me when you are in peril.”

“I promise.”

“Than I shall promise you I will always be here.”


Bethany Faith


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