Chapter 1: The Last Days

09 Mar

I nearly hyperventilated this morning when I realized I hadn’t posted anything about Saving Souls. (my baby book) So I dug into my documents and found chapter one. Spruced it up some. Dusted it off. And now I’m posting it. 😀 I hope you enjoy!


Chapter 1: The Last Days

As it was a women that had betrayed him only a woman could set things right during the last days, after the Sword of Mortals had been discovered.

A figure walked gently through what appeared to be a battlefield. It had happened yesterday. The residents of this small town were attacked by an army of Fallen’s men. They are ghosts of enemies, soldiers past who fell for the trap of Fallen’s venom tainted words and the not-so-true promise of power. They were called Betrayers and they were the ones that had attacked this small helpless town slaughtering all men and women whom they could get their hands on. Few were spared by the help of Aragon’s soldiers, but the tragedies outweighed the lives that had been saved.

Now, this dark feminine figure scavenged through what was left of the two sides. The person was wearing a mask leaving nothing, but their dark ruby red eyes to be seen. The end of the mask fluttered through the wind along with a small lock of bright red hair. They were wearing a dark suit that wrapped fully around their body and black shoes. A sword was strapped to their waist, the handle was red and the body of the sword was hidden from view by the cover it had on. This was one of Taviel’s soldiers.

Her name is Safe Heart and today she had been given the heart wrenching task of sifting through the battle remnants to find clues as to why Fallen would attack such a small town. A job like this wasn’t usually one of Safe Heart’s palace duties, but she was commanded to do so and despite her lack of enthusiasm for the job she knew better than to argue with the King.

There was a small prick at her foot and Safe Heart looked down to see that she had touched the tip of a Betrayer’s sword. Bending down to study the sword who’s owner had probably fallen in battle she saw a symbol on the end of the handle that made her retract her hand quickly.

The symbol was a circle with a fire of blood in the middle. The lining of the circle was black, but somehow it was more dark than black and it seemed to suck you into its terrifying darkness.

She trembled at the recognition of the symbol and decided it best to call her little exploration to a close. So Safe Heart spread out her white feathered wings and flew off. A small flash of red from the tips of her feathers stood there for only a second after she left.


Safe Heart landed on the ground outside the palace gates softly, swiftly sliding her wings shut she made her way to the palace guard.

“I’m here to report my findings about the recent battle near the mountains to King Taviel.” she said to the guard who stood between her and the entrance to the castle.

“Of course. He’s been expecting you.” the guard moved aside and the gates were opened.

Safe Heart walked through them entering into the palace courtyard, where rose bushes and dogwood trees were the plants of choice for the garden. In the middle of the courtyard there was a beautiful fountain that looked like a waterfall.

As she walked towards the door of the palace she took off the mask that was covering her face. Revealing a pretty girl, who looked to be about the age of 20 or 25 years old.

She walked through many corridors and hallways that lined the castle on her way to Taviel’s chambers. The gentle tap of her footsteps as she walked through the nearly silent halls was joined by another set of footsteps when she was halfway there.

“Hello.” came the voice from behind Safe Heart just as the man who had talked to her caught up and started to walk beside her. He had blond hair and blue eyes, a sword was strapped to his side as well. The handle of the sword was blue and black. He was wearing black pants and a plain white shirt along with some blue shoes.

“Hey, Light Blade.” Safe Heart responded plainly keeping her eyes locked ahead.

“Is something wrong?” noticing Safe Heart’s less than welcoming attitude.

Safe Heart stopped for a couple of seconds and turned to look at Light Blade than continued walking, “I’m fine, I have to go report to Taviel.”

Light Blade fell behind letting Safe Heart continue her walk alone.


Safe Heart walked quietly into the large chambers were she was supposed to greet Taviel. She stood on a silver carpet that led to a throne. The throne sparkled with light and there was a figure of a man sitting on it. Due to the light of the throne the only thing she saw was the silhouette of the King. As legend goes no one has ever seen his face, but it was a legend and no one was really sure if they believed it.

Safe Heart walked up until a few feet away from the throne, than she curtsied as is customary for females to do. “Sir, I’ve come to report my findings about the recent battle.” she whispered respectfully.

“Welcome, Safe Heart. What did you discover?” Taviel replied kindly, his words were nice and welcoming and filled with love, but also those from that of a brave warrior.

“I…think Fallen has taken out The Sword of Mortals. The symbol on his armies weapons would suggest so and if this is so…” Safe Heart stopped knowing the challenges that came with the words she had just spoken.

“Indeed. The last days are at hand.” The King responded calmly waiting for Safe Heart to say the words he knew lingered on her tongue.

“Than, my training…” Safe Heart’s voice trailed off slowly going bellow a whisper.

“You’ll have 3 days to prepare for your journey, Battle Scar and Light Blade will help you. Light Blade is to accompany you for as long as possible on your journey.” said Taviel.

Safe Heart nodded and got up to turn, “I’ve prepared you for this day, do not worry strength and help will come in the nick of time.” Taviel said to her she smiled at his encouragement than left as quietly as she had come.


Light Blade stood at one end of an open field the size of a small soccer field with his sword in his right hand, on the other end of the field was Safe Heart who also held her sword.

“Are you ready?” asked Light Blade.

“Anytime.” said Safe Heart bracing herself for an attack.

Light Blade spread out his wings, which were made of completely blue feathers, and quickly swooped up and kicked Safe Heart causing her to loose her balance and fall. She spread here wings out in response and shot up into the sky, Light Blade wasn’t far behind.

A man wearing a camouflaged suit and a scar across his right eye stood watching prepared to give Safe Heart pointers.

Light Blade’s sword collided with Safe Heart’s causing her to go back a little before regaining her breath and pushing on Light Blade’s sword until he dropped it. She kicked him lightly on his chest causing him to fall down as if she had put all the force she could in it. She landed on top of Light Blade resting her sword across his neck, symbolizing that she had won this fight.

“Very good.” said the man watching.

Safe Heart stood up and offered her hand to help Light Blade stand up.

“Good fight.” said Light Blade while retrieving his sword and strapping it back to his waist.

And so this is how Safe Heart, Light Blade, and the man watching (Battle Scar) spent the next three days, preparing for the journey that was at hand.


It had been three days and today Safe Heart and Light Blade were to head out on their journey. Safe Heart was in her chambers packing her cloths, which was really just multiples of the same outfit.

The small brown bag in which she was packing her cloths in was practically full, so after checking to make sure she wasn’t leaving anything behind she zipped it up and started to make her way towards the barn.

The castle barn was made entirely of wood, it was sort of a log cabin. When you first walked in there were two stables to your left and right, the right stable held a black horse who was saddled in a brown saddle made of real leather and a pattern outlined his bridle that was on his head. His muscles were prominent and there was no doubt that this horse was a strong, trustworthy creature, by the look in his eyes. The plaque that was on the door to the stable said Validus.

The left stable held a female silver horse. She was slender and beautiful the second best of Taviel’s horses and the horse Safe Heart would be riding. She was saddled with a silver saddle that had jewels accenting it a little and a bridle that also had a design on it. The plaque on her stable door said Polaris.

Both these horses were strong and both of which had powers given to them by the King to help their riders. Validus was a strong horse, he could gallop miles and not need rest and he was loyal to his rider and never left his side. Polaris was one of the first horses of time, but she never aged. Despite her bright color she could blend into any background and she was light on her feet so no one but the best of listeners could hear her, she was also loyal to her rider.

Light Blade was in the stable with Validus busy putting his bag of belongings on the horse’s saddle when Safe Heart walked in. He glanced at Safe Heart as she walked over to the stall with Polaris in it and attached her bag to the saddle.

“You ready to go?” Light Blade in a friendly tone, the past few days of training and the knowledge of the challenges that lied ahead were weighing down on Safe Heart and she wasn’t 100%…like she probably should have been.

She turned and looked at Light Blade as she began to lead Polaris out of her stable carefully, “Yup, shall we get going than?”

Light Blade nodded and led Validus out of the stable and into the front of the barn. They were now standing on a soft lawn. They saddled their horses and looked at each other, conveying a conversation only they could hear.

Light Blade was the same age as Safe Heart and he had known her since they were little. She had grown up out of the palace in a normal town, unlike Light Blade who was born in the palace because his father was a soldier. They had met each other because Safe Heart would come to the palace everyday and help with the care of the horses to assist her parents in paying the bills. When Safe Heart had turned 16 King Taviel had requested her to live in the palace and train as a soldier. Light Blade had been kind to her and helped her get accustomed to the schedule of the palace.

After spending 5 years in the palace the King had explained to Safe Heart the history of the world and explained to her why she had prepared as a soldier, but that will have to be told later.

The two travelers gave their horses a small tap with their heels and the horses trotted off. They walked through the town within the castle gates. Everyone was instructed to act as if it was a normal day, they didn’t want any of Fallen’s spies reporting to him, the longer they could keep him from finding out that Safe Heart and Light Blade were on their way the better.

They walked through the town silently and passed through the gate without a word. They walked a few miles as both of them went through their plan to get to the Gates of Darkness, where they would have to fight with Fallen.

First they would go through the desert, Baseria. The story of the world were this desert was created goes as legend tells.
As legend goes the world in which they lived was not always peppered with thieves and battlefields from past wars. When Taviel created the world for his humans and creatures he had made, it was filled with trees each bearing a different fruit holding a different purpose and soft grass. The humans lived in peace each one unique in their talents no two exactly alike. There were the hunters, the gathers, musicians, and protectors. The animals were not known to attack, but the humans still had to hunt them for meat, though not more than necessary.

Each human prayed daily to Taviel, they never saw him, they didn’t have to, they just knew that he was and that he had created them. Taviel lived in the sky in a kingdom yet to be seen by human eyes, he had spirits that he took care of. They were to protect the humans and keep everything at piece, but after 5 years of a peaceful world Taviel’s most beloved spirit began to build up greed in his heart. He planned an attack with a few other spirits who too had become consumed in power. And a war broke through in the sky.

During the 3 years that war was close at hand the humans would see lighting and hear thunder and screams come from the sky. The dark clouds covered the sun the rays never to be let through.

After three years of fighting the trader and his army he had created fled to earth and became human in form. Taviel created a dark forest to keep the trader from harming his creations. Taviel came to earth and his army became human in form, though he remained of spirit. And so like this, with the trader on the east and Taviel on the west there was peace for a small amount of time in the world.

One day a woman was gathering food for her family when a pack of wild wolves who had turned over to the traders side, turned on her and chased her into the forest. Soon, after hours of running, she was tired, when she came across a cottage. She would have questioned the mysterious building, but the wolves were now on her heels and she needed cover, so she entered.

No one is really sure what happened in the cottage, but it is said that she met the trader, who told her his name was Fallen and preceded to shower her with lies. He showed her a scar on his right cheek and explained to her that Taviel had put it there because he was a heartless king, and she believed him, all lies, though them seemed true enough to her. He offered food and a place to sleep, so she accepted.

The next morning she woke in the cottage and could not find the kind stranger, so she began to wander the woods calling out to him, she broke through the forest and was met by and army of Fallen’s men all of them equipped with swords and shields ready for battle, she agreed to help them in their war and with this woman’s help Fallen emerged from the forest and began to pollute the human land. As he went more into the land a desert was created from the land the humans fled from, the trees and grass died without their care and eventually it was no more than a harsh barren land.

Taviel was distressed to see his own people turn against him so a sword was molded, from the chair that Fallen had sat upon when he was in the house of the king. A symbol of a fire of blood was stamped on it. He hid the sword in a tree in the forest that separated the humans from the darkness, one day Fallen would be drawn to that sword and the last days would begin. Until these days Taviel would live on the land in a palace, preventing Fallen from emerging from the forest and overpowering all of Taviel’s kingdom. Taviel knew something though that Fallen did not, though. As it was a women that had betrayed him only a woman could set things right during the last days, after the Sword of Mortals had been discovered.

It was because of this that now, 136 years later, Safe Heart and Light Blade traveled through the desert on their way to their fate.


As I said, it’s my baby book. Meaning…the first book I’ve ever finished/actually plotted out before I started writing it. Thanks for reading!

Bethany Faith


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