Quick Scene

20 Feb

Just something that sort of popped into my head today. I didn’t finish it since I’m already so busy working on other stories and there’s no way I could juggle another, but it’s a good “short story”.


“David!” came Mom’s call from down stairs. I sighed and ignored her, Just….have to…finish…level. I thought, “David!!” she screamed, more angry this time and clearly on the edge of her last nerve.

“Wait!” I called back, holding out the word as I shot a zombie with my AK-47. “Yes!” I said under my breath, just one more…

“You get down here right now or you won’t have that game for a week!” she screamed, her threats where anything but empty. I complained and threw the remote control on my bed then turned to my door and stomped angrily out of my room.

“What, Mo-hom!” I complained as I walked down the steps, slouching terribly and letting my feet hit the ground heavily.

“It’s a beautiful Spring day and you’ve been up in that room playing video games all day.” she scolded me.

“Not all day!” I responded defensively, did she really think I had spent all day playing video games?, “I came down and ate breakfast!”

“That doesn’t count!” she snapped at me, catching herself before yelling at me. She sighed and looked me up and down. My genes were crumpled from sitting on my bed for hours and my T-shirt proclaimed my love for video games with a the witty phrase Who needs a life when you have video games? Plastered on the front along with a few photos of some video game systems. My dark blond hair seemed gold in the afternoon sunshine and combined quite well with my blue eyes. As usual I was wearing my old used tenni shoes that used to be, and certainly no longer where, white. I looked, pretty much, like any other normal twelve year old boy out there. But my mom didn’t want me to be a normal twelve year old boy, she wanted me to be her twelve year old boy.

“Look, honey.” she began as she walked near me with a brown bag in her hands, “Can you just make me happy and go outside for a few hours? Is that too much to ask? I know all your friends are playing video games right now, but you’re not all of your friends and I won’t allow it. Here’s a snack incase you get hungry. Don’t come back until you’re cheeks are red with exercise!” she warned than handed me the brown sack and kissed my forehead. Then she rushed me out the door and closed it behind me.

I stood on our porch for a few minutes just looking around. The woods that covered my house insured nobody would see me while I stood there. “Go!” I heard my mother’s voice coming from the kitchen window. I sighed and complained a little in my head before stepping down the stairs and walking towards the empty street.

I walked down to the end of our street and paused on the sidewalk when I came across an old house that seemed like it hadn’t been touched in years. My neighbors had told me about this place, it was supposedly haunted. “Haunted.” I scoffed, “I don’t believe in ghosts.” I walked over the stepping stones that led up to the steps that in turn led up to the porch. Once I stood on the porch I studied the house. Spiderwebs seemed to cover every corner of the outside, I doubted the inside was any better, and an old rocking chair sat a few feet to my right on the porch. It rocked gently when the wind blew it and I jumped, I laughed a little at my ignorance. “It’s not haunted, it was just the wind.”

I heard something crash inside and jumped again. “I wonder what that was.” I said out loud. I had a terrible habit of speaking my thoughts when I was by myself and I suppose old habits die hard. I opened the door and perhaps I was trespassing, but I didn’t care and stepped inside the old house. A mouse scurried by me and I laughed at the thought of catching it and bringing home to show to my older sister. There was the sound of scurrying feet, not mouse feet…hooves? I saw a horse-like figure rush behind a wall to my left and I dashed towards it. I barely caught the end of the tail ducking behind a staircase to my right.
I climbed the steps in a rush enjoying this fun chase. I caught a shadow go into a room and ran after it, “You might as well come out!” I called to the person as I ran to the room, “I’m not leaving until I see you.” there was a loud thump and a strong gush of wind pushed me to the ground. “Ow!” I said as my hand was pierced by a piece of sharp wood. I looked at my left hand and saw that it was bleeding. I used my right hand to pull out the wood than got up and ran towards the room the shadow had run into.

The room seemed to be made of water and I watched as it seemed to switch from an old room to a green forest. Something overcame me, a longing to walk into the room, to see where it would take me. I put my hand through the door and felt a small tingly feeling cover the part of my body that was in the room. Hesitantly, I walked into the room and the small tingly feeling soon turned into a very strong flying feeling. It’s kind of hard to put into words what I felt next…It was like when you go on a roller coaster and for one second you’re weightless and in that second your stomach feels entirely empty? Then you usually puke? That’s what I felt, except it didn’t last for a second, it lasted for a full minute, I know because I counted the seconds I was in that room. I shut my eyes unable to bare the light that began to flood my vision. Then, as quickly as it had begun, it ended.I heard birds chirping and fell to the ground in a fit of dizzy spells and vomit.

Once I was through with my sporadic attack of throwing up I stood up and looked around. I was in a large forest. Trees covered the sun and let little light touch the ground. The ground was covered with soft green grass and brown leaves that cracked when I stepped on them. The place itself seemed intriguing, magical, in a way. Like something that had stepped out of one of those fantasy video games, though I was never really into the fantasy stuff. Until now…


Moral of the story? If you play too many video games you’ll miss the fantasy world hiding in your backyard. 😀 Okay….maybe that’s not the exact moral….

Bethany Faith


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