A Spy’s Short Story

19 Feb

Half of the first chapter of one of my short books. Enjoy, 😀


Abby dove behind a dumpster as a shower of bullets came down upon her. The constant shooting made adrenaline course through her veins and her heart pump at full speed. It seemed like such an easy heist; go in, get the diamond, get out. But when she had thought that, she hadn’t known that there would be another team trying to take the diamond too.

She cursed under her breath as she pulled out the magazine on her gun and realized she was entirely out of bullets. “Great, great, great!” she complained as she scanned the perimeter. The bullets continued to shower the dumpster.

“I’m up against guys with automatics, this can’t end well.” she said to herself as she pulled out her cell phone, no bars, great, just great. She threw the phone across the ground; it was probably tapped anyways. Then she checked her gun magazine one more time, wishing that bullets would just magically appear in it. Nothing…of course.

The firing stopped and she listened closely as two men screamed at each other in Russian. Luckily, when she had trained as a CIA agent she had learned Russian and could decode what they were saying.

“We can’t keep shooting at a dumpster, she won’t come out!” one man screamed she heard the click of a magazine being changed on his machine gun.

“I don’t care, one of them has to ricochet and at least injure her!” another voice screamed angrily, clearly on the end of his last nerve.

“I am not having my men waste ammo on an impossible target, just because an impossible idiot refuses to let us stop shooting!”

The two men continued to scream at each other as Abby formed a plan in her mind. There was a grey building a few yards ahead of her that looked as if it had been abandoned awhile ago and she figured if she could sprint the few yards to get there without getting hit by a bullet, she would be home free. But that was a risky bet. One she might have to take.

She dashed from behind the cover that the dumpster had given her and sprinted towards the grey building as a new shower of bullets rained down. She heard them click on the ground as they ricocheted off the cement, until her luck ran out. A bullet hit her arm.

She sunk to the ground as the shock of getting shot overcame her. The blood trickled down her arm and onto the cracked parking lot cement. The rain of bullets slowly died down as the orders to stop shooting reached all the men’s ears. Suddenly, She slowly began to lose consciousness as she lay on the cold ground. She felt arms wrap around her and lift her shocked body off the ground. The sound of bullets hitting the ground resumed as the person carrying her ran in what felt like the direction of the grey building. A door slammed and she was carefully placed on the ground. She opened her eyes and waited as the blurry male figure hovering over her came into view.

“I’m a friend.” the figure said, as he grabbed her injured arm to look at her wound.

She screamed in pain when his firm grip pressed against her wound. Some friend… She thought as he let her arm down gently. She watched groggily as he sifted through a first aid kit that lay on the ground beside her. The figure pulled out a white cloth, some thread, and a bottle of alcohol. Than he resumed looking at her arm.

“This might sting a little, okay? Do you want something to bite on?” the figure said plainly, as if he was simply confirming an order at a McDonald’s drive-thru. Abby shook her head no and continued watching the figure intently, with her deep brown eyes. “Alright, your choice.” he said, a little surprised at her decision. He grabbed a black rag from his first aid kit and poured some of the alcohol over it. Abby grimaced when he picked up her arm, though he did it a little more carefully this time. Then he used the rag and placed it on her wound. A fiery pain scorched through her arm, she let out a small squeak, but bit her lip, quickly stopping herself from screaming. She knew this wasn’t nearly the worse thing to come. The man then removed the black rag from her wound and pulled out a pocket knife and lighter. He ran the lighter over the blade of the knife then put the lighter back in his pocket. He made a small cut over the hole were the bullet had gone in, struggling to keep the knife steady as Abby shook her head frantically and thrashed against the pain.

“Almost done,” he said in an attempt to stop her from moving. After he was done cutting the wound, he grabbed a pair of tweezers and pulled out the bullet fairly easily. “Hold still now.” he said as he put some thread through a needle and began to suture the wound.

Abby closed her eyes and bit her lip until it bled, trying to keep from screaming. It seemed like an eternity before the man finished stitching up her cut and grabbed the white cloth. He gently lifted her arm off the ground as he wrapped the cloth around her wound.

“There,” he said cheerfully as he placed a piece of medical tape on the cloth, “All done.” he turned and smiled at Abby. “I would give you a lollipop, but I think the angry Russians waiting to assassinate you are more of a pressing issue. Don’t you?”

She blew a puff of air out angrily at his sarcasm and used her left arm to help her sit up. Her head swam and her right arm throbbed as she looked at the mysterious man that had saved her life. She’d learned from experience that in her line of work, and often times in life, nobody gave you anything without wanting something for themselves. Certainly, the last thing she was about to believe was that this man was just feeling in a giving mood, especially since he was obviously basically trained in field medicine, judging by the way he had patched her up.

“Who are you and what do you want?” she asked, a serious tone in her voice.

“Dimitri; I’m one of the Russians that is supposed to be out there shooting you.” he said, gesturing to the door from which they had come into the building. She hadn’t noticed until now, but he did have a slight Russian accent that was being covered up with a fake American one.

“So, why aren’t you? You know, shooting me?” she questioned, shifting her sitting position slightly and being rewarded by another dizzy spell.

“Why aren’t you shooting me?” he replied, a slight smile on his face.

“Maybe because I’m a thief, not a murderer. And I suppose since you did help me out, it buys you some time…” she said, a little agitated at his response.

“You sure it’s not just because you’re out of bullets? What are you carrying?” Dimitri said as he pulled out a handgun with a silver barrel. He held an extra magazine in his other hand.”I have a 45 and an extra clip.”

“Same…” Abby said, suddenly remembering her gun and pulling it out from the holster she had strapped to her jeans.

“And you still have bullets, cause if you don’t that would explain why” his sentence was cut off by the sound of walkie-talkie static. He presented the small black hand-held device from behind his back pocket and listened as a very angry man spoke in fast Russian to him.

“Dimitri, do you have the girl? Bring her out if you do, and we will let this mistake go. You can even kill her yourself if you want; I don’t care, just do your job or we’ll do it for you. Even if we have to take you down too.” the device went silent.

“Okay, we need a plan. Cell phone?” Dimitri said, holding his hand out for Abby’s cell phone.

She raised her eyebrow at him and scowled, “Why?”

He dropped his hand to the ground and sighed, “You’re shot in the arm, hiding in a building from angry Russians with automatics, and have just become the most wanted international criminal for stealing the world’s largest diamond, on American soil, no less. Give me your phone, or you can take your chances with the Russians…your choice.”

“I would be taking my chances with a Russian one way or the other.” she mumbled angrily, “And besides.” she turned away, “I don’t have my cell phone with me.”

Shock appeared on Dimitri’s face, “Seriously? You don’t bring your cell phone to a heist?!” he screamed at her. He got up and paced around furiously as he ranted in rapid, angry Russian.

“Will you shut up?!” Abby screamed, pausing Dimitri mid-rant and causing him to look at her. She stood up and looked him in his blue eyes, stubbornness and anger in her brown ones, “Before we go any further, there’s just one thing I need to clear up. Why would you help me?”

Dimitri pulled out his Walkie-talkie and spoke into it in Russian, “I have the girl, I’ll bring her out. Give me 10 minutes to get her under control.”

Abby didn’t hear the second part of his sentence she was too busy screaming at Dimitri to, “Shut up or I’ll have every drug dealer in Russia on your tail! You hear me?! I’m not joking! Stop smiling at me you evil Russian!” Dimitri finished explaining the trade. He would give the Russians Abby and in return he would keep his life. He let go of the talk button, through with his negotiation and clipped the black device to his pants.

Abby’s fist suddenly connected with Dimitri’s jaw. He stepped back from the blow but quickly recovered in time to dodge a kick from her. He swept his left leg under her feet, causing her to fall on the ground and hurt her right arm. She screamed from the sudden shock and glared up at him as she held her arm, cursing him in her thoughts.

“Don’t do that!” he scolded, “You’re going to get yourself killed! And I don’t use that term jokingly!”

Abby continued to stare at him, “You trade me in for your life and you’ll be sorry.”

“I’m well aware, trust me. Here.” he handed her a magazine for her gun. She grabbed it and looked at the bullets inside, then slipped it into her gun.

“If I actually do end up trusting you, it’s not because I want to, it’s because I have to.” she mumbled, slowly standing up off the ground, her arm throbbing from the pain.

“Well, there. We do have something in common.” Dimitri said sarcastically, “So how do you want to go about this?”

“Go about what exactly? You attempting to gain my trust then actually trapping me, yah well if we could skip to the trapping part, that would be dandy. Maybe I could still make it to my appointment tonight.” Abby said, annoyed.

“I’m going to ignore that, since if I were put in your position I’d probably do likewise.” Dimitri growled, a little upset at Abby’s sarcasm, “If I can distract the Russians long enough you should be able to sneak out the back.”

“And you would put yourself in the hands of the Russians, why?” she responded.

“Because, I have… Personal involvement in the reason you have that diamond.” he said.

“What?” Abby looked at him, a little confused by his explanation. She had never seen him before in her life, how could he be personally involved in the reason she was stealing the diamond?

“Never mind,” he said quickly, “We need to get going, you have four minutes to leave the premises, then I’ll go out…”

She raised an eyebrow at him, still finding it hard to believe that he would risk his life just to help her steal a diamond. He must really not like these Russians to want to foil their plan so badly… She thought.

“Don’t look at me like that!” he snapped, waking Abby from her thoughts, “I’m well aware you don’t trust me; it’s spy protocol. But trust me or not, you’re going to have to make a choice here.”

Abby thought for a moment, fingering the trigger on her gun to insure herself she still held it in her hand, “Three minutes, I’ll be gone.” she said quickly, then turned and ran towards the back door. Hopefully this guy didn’t have an alternate plan she didn’t know about.

Dimitri waited in the grey building for three minutes before walking to the front door. “Here goes…” He said, grasping his gun tightly in his sweaty hands while his heart began to beat faster and faster. He took in a deep breath and composed his outward appearance to the best of his ability, than opened the door and walked outside.

Five red dots appeared on his chest.


The suspense! Yah, well, that’s all you get for now! 🙂 Thanks for reading.

Bethany Faith


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