The Tears No One Sees

16 Feb

Did I mention I’m a fantasy write that enjoys creating solemn characters? I guess I didn’t…To prove this I shall post a sad short story that was inspired by a picture on a blog that I got off another website that’s for writers. πŸ˜€ Did you get that? Anyways, This is the photo and This is the website I got the photo from. And here is the short well…it’s not really a story it’s a scene from a story. So here’s the short scene:

The small silver stream trickled down Elythia’s cheek, despite her desperate attempt to stop it from doing so. Soon after others followed and she was breathing in quick, small, silent, sobs. Her heart raced and her hands shook as she cried on the lonely hill, staring down at the small town she was about to leave behind. Her sword grasped firmly in her hand, the blade seemed to glow from the bright blue that it was painted. Her silky, pale blue, dress fluttered gently around her legs as a gust of wind blew her blond hair over her green eyes. Tears continued to stream down as the many fires in the village were put out.

It’s midnight. Everybody is going to bed for the night. She thought solemnly as the last fire was put out and the village now stood in the darkness of night. The only light that accompanied Elythia now was the moon and few twinkling stars.

Since the Dremanians arrived the village had been instructed to put their fires out by midnight. They thought if the Dreamians thought everybody was asleep that they would not kill anyone. They were wrong.

Elythia sank to the ground and finally let her tears and sobs come out freely. She allowed the sword to slip out of her hand and land silently on the ground as she finally let her emotions go. Memories flashing before her eyes, causing her to only sob louder.

Two days ago she had been happy and completely content. She had a father, mother, sister, and boyfriend. She had lived in the small town at the bottom of the hill, in a small house, with her small family. She had taken for granted what she had. Last night everything and everyone she cared about, were killed. The Dremanians had attacked her town once again.

She remembered waking up in the middle of the night to the sound of clanking metal and the scream of a child. The complete darkness that kept her from seeing her own hand, told her that something was covering the moon. She used her other four sense to rush into her parents room. Her eyes adjusted to the darkness just as she reached their room. A Dremanian soldier was fighting with her father and stabbed him in the chest as she entered. It had all happen so quickly she didn’t have time to scream her fathers name before her mother too was killed. The soldier turned to her, blood stained on his shirt and sword. She caught the tears in her eyes and rushed to her sisters room, only to find her lying on the ground, a pool of blood beside her. More clanking metal and a grunt of pain. She ran into the living room and saw her boyfriend on the ground lying in his blood. A tear escaped her eyes as a sword swung towards her neck, she ducked it and quickly rushed out of her house and into the forest that stood behind it. She had stayed the rest of the night in that forest, she didn’t cry, scream, or sob. She simply sat in the darkest corner she could find holding her sword tightly in her hand and staring at nothing as she replayed the images and screams over and over in her head.

This event, is what brings her to this now. She had decided to leave, she couldn’t stay in her village. Not after what happened, too many memories, too much weakness. She needed a new life and if she couldn’t get that, she needed an alone life.

Elythia wasn’t sure how long she sat there, sobbing into her hands. But suddenly, as quickly as she had started. She stopped, hurriedly wiping away her tears, and steadied her breathing. Than she quickly picked up her sword, she felt defenseless without it, and stood up. Her once unstained dress, now black towards the bottom from the mud she had sat on.

She turned around and looked at the horizon. It was so dark that she found it difficult to comprehend where ground met sky. She had to go. She would leave everything behind, forget it all, forget everyone. This moment never happened, last night never happened. Her life started now and she would never look back on this life. She took in a deep breath and walked towards the horizon. Her tall, thin, form disappeared slowly behind the hill. Leaving an empty hill and a dark village behind.

Bethany Faith


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One response to “The Tears No One Sees

  1. Dieki Noordhoek

    February 17, 2011 at 1:59 pm

    Awesome. Me likes… πŸ˜€


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